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At Current Electric Co in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about electrical projects and the best ways to do them. We decided to take that knowledge and make it available to you so that you’ll know what to do about your electrical systems. Look through our blog below to learn more and get expert advice.

Home Electrical Upgrades Ideal for Video Meetings

In an ever-changing world, new realities have forced many of us to conduct work and business from home. Along with digital correspondence through email, video chat has dramatically expanded. To help ensure your home is fully ready for video conferences, consider electrical upgrades. These upgrades focus on all aspects of video calls and will ensure you have smooth sailing whenever you need to take a video call.

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4 Ways to Use Whole-Home Audio Systems With Smart Speakers

A whole-home audio system wires speakers throughout multiple rooms in the home and connects to a main hub. Even with easy access to wireless speakers and headphones, you will find multiple advantages to whole-home audio systems with your favorite smart speaker. Learn to make the most out of the systems and how to get more out of your smart speaker with a whole-home audio system. Here are a few ways you can use one.

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Advantages of Solar Panel Installation for First-Time Home Buyers

As a first-time homebuyer, you have a lot of decisions to make. You may consider upgrades as you move into your new place, including solar panel installation. Solar panels provide several advantages, many of which cater directly to first-time home buyers. Learn about the advantages of a solar panel installation and how to reap some of those benefits for years into the future.

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4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal for In-Home Yoga Studios

Doing yoga exercises in your own home allows you to relax and enjoy the exercise on your own schedule. The space and features in a yoga room provides the key to successful sessions. Electrical upgrades help ensure peace and relaxation for yoga studios and daily sessions you go through. Learn about a variety of upgrades and how each one helps provide a lot of convenience, specifically for yoga and light exercises. 1. Automated Blinds and Light Dimmers In your yoga studio, you may seek relaxation through dark or dim-lighted areas. Both ceiling lights and natural lights may create too much brightness to fully meditate or relax through yoga exercises. A few electrical upgrades will help reduce the amount of light in the room. Hire an electrician to install a light dimmer switch. With the light...

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Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

solar energy is the right move for your home
You might have been wondering for a couple of years if investing in solar energy for your Southwest Wisconsin home makes sense. I can easily say it will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your home and the environment if you choose to go solar this year. Benefits of the Solar Switch The first time I thought about solar energy, I was interested in two distinct reasons. I wanted to reduce my reliance on traditional energy methods, and I wanted to save money on my electricity bill. A solar panel installed by Current Electric will deliver on both of these areas. When I investigated the savings I could get with a solar panel system, I was amazed to see the returns in energy investment. A solar system is a substantial upfront cost, but the returns in the investment more than triple your...

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Why a Generator Can be one of Your Best Investments

Investing in a whole home generator will keep your whole family happy and warm this winter!
There may be nothing more frustrating and inconvenient than a power outage. Lost work time, spoiled food, and loss of heat all from one major outage. These things are all consequences that Wauwatosa, Wisconsin homeowners face when their electricity unexpectedly goes out. However, there is a solution to these problems: investing in a whole home generator. Although generators are an extra expense, the benefits and comfort they provide often outweigh initial costs. Check out why Current Electric recommends investing in a whole home generator this winter! 7 Benefits of Investing in a Whole Home Generator When you’re a homeowner, the last thing you want is your comfort and daily routine interrupted. You’ll save money, irritation, and stress in the long run by installing a whole home generator...

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A Recent Solar Installation Done by Current Electric

A recent solar installation done by Current Electric in Pewaukee was highlighted in the Journal Sentinel on October 31st! Chris Lueth, an American Family Insurance agent located in downtown Pewaukee, is one of the first businesses in the area to go solar. He added the panels to his office building in order to reduce his carbon footprint and save on electricity costs. On this particular solar installation, Current Electric installed 38 panels. These will produce more than 11.4 kilowatts of power – enough to generate electricity to power the entire building located on 112 Main St! Here’s what Chris said about his decision to choose Current Electric: “Kudos to the contractor, Current Electric. I had bid out for proposals, and I liked how they have a solar division. They seemed very well-organized...

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