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Wowing Our Customers

Our Vision

We are the leader in illuminating and energizing people’s lives with top quality, innovative solutions and service that “Wow’s”.

Our Mission

We, the Current Electric team, are comprised of positive, successful professionals who are committed to being the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on a positive attitude, consistent professionalism, and on-time delivery of results. We consistently “Wow” our customers with fabulous service. We treat everyone with respect, openness and fair play and receive the same in return. We promote our customer relationships with surveys, newsletters, and customer focused “happy calls.”

We address problems as opportunities for solutions, which allows our team to deliver on our “can do, make it happen” attitude. We stand behind our work and provide service with a smile. We encourage the advancement of every team member with training, coaching, and support. We continually advance our technical knowledge in order to make your dreams and ours become reality.

Points of Culture

We focus on the successful outcome of whatever we do. We believe that all parties will profit from our drive to be the best.
We believe open, positive communication is the key to success. We make certain to say what we mean, listen carefully, and clarify any confusion immediately. We believe in honesty and integrity.
We treat others with respect and receive the same in return. We respect ourselves, our community, our customers, and our planet.
We are team players. We focus on goals and solutions as a team, responding flexibly and asking for help when needed.
We instill the attitude of gratitude. We say thank you and show our appreciation often. We celebrate success, ours and those of our clients.
We know that everything that truly matters is bountiful. There is no shortage of good service, smiles, and simple things we do to make someone’s day. This is what we call “connections of abundance.”
We take a balanced approach to life and work. We believe that supporting the social, physical, and family aspects is important to living a full and balanced life.
We strive for excellence to “Wow” our clients. We look for ways to do more with less and stay on the path of continuous improvement and innovation.
We always speak the truth and only make agreements that we are willing and able to keep. We communicate issues immediately and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity.

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