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Whole-Home Surge Protection in Milwaukee, WI

We’re continuing our discussion of home electrical protection this week with a new blog about the 4th critical safety measure that all Milwaukee residents should have in their homes: whole-home surge protection.

In the instance of a sudden and powerful current coursing through your home’s electrical system, such as a lightning strike, your wiring can break under the pressure. Anytime that the wiring in your home is overwhelmed, the electrical panel cuts off current. If the electrical panel fails to trip the power in time, the damage could be disastrous: wiring can melt and be irreparably broken, or worse, an electrical fire could start. About 40,000 of electrical fires in the U.S. happen every year, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries. Is your home protected from overload?

The Importance of Surge Protection

Many people believe that the most common instances of electrical overload (A.K.A. power surges) are lightning strikes from extreme storms, but that’s simply not true! You’re far more likely to overload your electricity simply by having too many outlets plugged in at the same time! When a large appliance exceeds the voltage capacity of your wiring, you’ll notice that:

  • Appliances shut down, go on the fritz, or break before their lifespans
  • Lights Flicker or Completely Shut Off
  • Computers Lock Up for No Reason, Losing Saved Files

Power surges happen in milliseconds, and they might not even cause your lights to completely shut off. However, insurance companies estimate that power surges cause over a billion dollars in insured losses per year.

There’s a simple way to protect yourself from this sort of expensive damage, and it’s whole-home surge protection. This electrical protection device is designed to ground electricity safely and automatically once it exceeds the amperage capacity of the home. It can handle 40,000 amps of current flowing from the outside, which is enough to stop a bolt of lightning! Whole-home surge protection is installed at your circuit box and can detect and divert excess current anywhere inside or outside of your home.

Wiring without surge protection can overheat and eventually burn out as a result of excessive voltage — but a quality surge protection system installed by Current Electric will divert and ground excess electricity, keeping your wiring and your appliances safe from overload!

Call Current Electric about whole-home surge protection and other safety home electrical safety measures today.



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