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Solar Installations That Are Weather Tight

Solar Power in Southeast Wisconsin

An Excellent Investment

Will My Home Work?

Provided your home isn’t in a lot of shade, we can install a solar system with success. Current Electric can adjust the production estimates if you do have shading. To maximize power, we look for south-, Southeast- and southwest-facing flat or sloped roofs, though any surface works. The roof should ideally be at least 350 square feet and hold a 50 pound solar module.

Is It a Good Investment?

Solar energy is a good investment. If you invest $15,000 into a seven kilowatt system, you can power your whole home. It would then save you around $120 each month in energy costs, and if you invest that money in say a mutual fund, you can get back $56,149 after 20 years. With the rising cost of energy, the savings you get from solar power will also increase.

What Else Should I Know?

Our solar systems have little to no maintenance. They’re designed to withstand Wisconsin’s snowy conditions and still work, at a lower level, when covered in snow. We’ve never seen a solar module be blown off before, and your insurance won’t increase. Your power will go off if there is an outage so that no feedback power harms those working on utility lines.

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