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Solar Installations That Are Weather Tight

Solar Power in Southeast Wisconsin

An Excellent Investment

Will My Home Work?

Provided your home isn’t in a lot of shade, we can install a solar system with success. Current Electric can adjust the production estimates if you do have shading. To maximize power, we look for south-, Southeast- and southwest-facing flat or sloped roofs, though any surface works. The roof should ideally be at least 350 square feet and hold a 50 pound solar module.

Is It a Good Investment?

Solar energy is a good investment. If you invest $15,000 into a seven kilowatt system, you can power your whole home. It would then save you around $120 each month in energy costs, and if you invest that money in say a mutual fund, you can get back $56,149 after 20 years. With the rising cost of energy, the savings you get from solar power will also increase.

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