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When Do You Need Rewiring Service in Milwaukee?

Upgrading your home’s wiring can be expensive and inconvenient, but there are times when rewiring service in Milwaukee is necessary to protect the safety of your home and family. So, how do you know when it’s time to bite the bullet and opt for rewiring service in Milwaukee. When do you need it?

You Have Older Wiring

Older wiring, even the knob-and-tube variety, isn’t necessarily dangerous in and of itself. But, if you have an older home and don’t know when the last time it was that your wiring was checked, you might consider hiring an electrician to do an inspection.

Warning signs that might indicate that it’s time for rewiring service are:

  • The covering on your older wires is worn or frayed. Improperly coated wires present a serious fire risk.
  • Your breakers trip frequently for no reason, or you are always blowing fuses. Neither of these is normal, and both are generally signs of larger issues.
  • Flickering lights. If your lights flicker or appliances seem to power down at random – and you’re not experiencing an electrical storm in the neighborhood – rewiring service might be in order.
  • You feel a mild tingling sensation when you touch appliances or lights. If you notice that your electrical gadgets have become mildly electrified, call an electrician right away.
  • Electrical sockets that are warm to the touch or emit sparks should be inspected immediately.
  • Your appliances or light fixtures give off an acrid, burned smell.

Your Home Needs More Power

Years ago, homes only needed about 60 amps of power to run all of their lights and appliances. Today’s homes, however, need more in the ballpark of 200 amps to run all of our computers, televisions, power tools and hairdryers – things that didn’t exist back when many older homes were built. If your older home is still running on a 60-amp system, it’s probably time for rewiring service.


If you think you’re ready for rewiring service in Milwaukee, call your licensed electrician today.

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