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Milwaukee Rewiring Service is an Investment in Home Safety

Current Electric is your number-one service for Milwaukee rewiring. Our team of electricians will closely examine your home’s electric wiring and redo the areas in need of a serious makeover. A rewiring can do wonders for your home’s electricity, leaving it shining brighter than ever with improved home circuits for increased home power. Our rewiring service ensures durable wiring that won’t cause lights to flicker or circuit breakers to trip.

However, above all else, rewiring is a huge investment in home safety. The security of you and your entire family should come before anything, and rewiring is an important step in that process. Here’s why you should seriously consider investing in rewiring from Current Electric immediately:


  • Reduces the Risk of Electric Fires: The National Fire Prevention Association reports that faulty wiring is the leading cause of electric fires. Even worse, around 3,000 deaths are reported each year due to home fires. While a rewiring can prevent your entire home from going up in flames, too many people unfortunately neglect their home’s electric wiring for too long. Don’t place your home and the lives of your entire family at risk; call for rewiring at the first sign of a problem.
  • Replaces Aluminum Wiring with Copper: Many homes built in the 1960s and 1970s are comprised of aluminum wiring. Copper during that time saw an increase in cost, which is why homes were installed with more cost-efficient aluminum. However, aluminum wiring makes homes more likely to create an electric fire and though copper wiring may be more expensive, it’s undeniably the safer option. If your home is still equipped with aluminum wiring, it’s time for a rewiring that keeps your home safe and sound.
  • Provides More Power to Household Appliances: Life can be difficult without electric wiring that can’t meet the demands of your entire family, especially in emergency situations when you need to rely the most on electricity. A rewiring can prevent lights in all rooms of your home from flickering or failing entirely. Microwaves, televisions, refrigerators, and other household appliances are also dependent on great electric wiring to work at the best of their abilities.

When you enlist Current Electric for home rewiring, it can improve daily life in your home by tenfold.

Contact Current Electric today for Milwaukee rewiring that keeps your home safe. When it comes to rewiring, don’t get stuck in the past and stay Current!

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