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Milwaukee Electrician Explains: What Are LEDs?

Traditional light bulbs, a.k.a. incandescent bulbs, have a tungsten filament inside of them. When electrical current passes through the filament, it becomes hot and the heat causes the bulb to emit light.

Most people, and certainly any Milwaukee electrician worth their salt, have been burnt from touching a light bulb too soon after it’s been turn off.

What many people don’t consider is that in addition to burning themselves, they are also burning their money. It takes a lot of energy to get the tungsten hot enough to give off light.

 – That is why this Milwaukee electrician suggests that you consider making the switch to LEDs.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. They work similarly to traditional light bulbs, but utilize different materials. Electrons move through a semiconductor and it’s their movement that gives off the light without the extra heat. Less lost heat means less waited money.

I’m familiar with LEDs, but aren’t they just for digital alarm clocks and television screens? Don’t they give off a funny color light?

The incandescent bulb has been around for decades and it took Edison a number of tweaks to get it right. LEDs are still comparatively new. Yes, they have been in electronics for quite some time, even traffic lights, but it’s only recently that the technology has been utilized as major lighting sources in homes.

LEDs are finding their way into pot lighting set ups, under cabinets and outdoors. When you decide to hire a Milwaukee electrician, make sure they have similar experience working with this technology as Current Electric. Keeping up with modern technology is a both a capital and time investment. Just because a company is 20+ years old like Current Electric, doesn’t mean that they’re…well… current.

You want a Milwaukee electrician who understands the difference between wattage and lumens, knows which fixtures can be retrofitted, and can recommend the appropriate color temperature for your space.

If you are considering a major home renovation, and you want to save money while helping the environment, but you’re not quite sure how, give Current Electric a call and we can help design the right lighting landscape for your home.

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