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Low quality bulbs affect lifespan of landscape lighting



A customer with landscape lighting in her front yard called because there were two bulbs that would not stay on no matter how many times she tried to fix them. This is a common problem, especially if they haven’t been used for an extended period of time.

If you notice that your landscape lighting is having trouble turning on, or staying on, it may be because of the following issues:

  1. Broken or damaged parts: Any exposed wiring along the walls or ground shouldn’t have any cuts. If the light fixtures have any visible damage – like a broken outside housing – it can allow moisture into the interior electrical parts which results in you needing a replacement.
  2. No lights at fixtures: If your system hasn’t been turned on for a while, you may have a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Check all the fuses and breakers associated with your lighting. However, if the lights have a flickering or dimming issue, that may be caused by an electrical short and a professional electrician will have to come out and check it.
  3. Short-lived bulbs: This is the issue the above customer was having. She would change the bulbs, only to have them go out shortly after. This can be caused by two things – poor quality bulbs and improper bulb handling. If you use bulbs that aren’t top quality, they have a shorter lifespan. The way you handle the bulbs also affects their lifespan. For example, oily hands break down the bulb coatings, making them susceptible to breakage and failure.


If you think these are some of the issues you’re having with your landscape lighting, or you need a professional to come out and troubleshoot and/or fix the problem, call Current Electric today! 


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