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Knob and Tube Replacement


Knob and tube electrical systems date back to the late 1800s.  Because they are older wiring systems, knob and tube circuits are physically unable to conduct the power necessary to run an average home’s fixtures and appliances.

What is the Risk?

Keep in mind that knob and tube systems were created and implemented during a time long before kitchen aid mixers, central air conditioning units, jacuzzis, desk-top computers, or even, washers and dryers were installed in most, if any, American homes.

Older Milwaukee households with knob and tube electrical systems run the risk not only of frequent power outages, but of serious electrical damage.

Why Must Knob and Tube Systems Be Replaced?

Simply stated, knob and tube electrical systems are a liability.  Here’s why:

  • Often denied homeowners insurance coverage
  • No safety grounding conductor
  • Low circuit capacity
  • Risk of overfusing
  • Cloth and rubber insulation becomes brittle with age
  • Easily damaged by rodents and renovations
  • Illegal in most U.S. counties due to safety hazards

How Can Current Electric Help?

We start by providing an up-front quote along with same-day scheduling and service as needed.  Then, we’ll keep working until the job is done.

We can update your electrical wiring by increasing circuit capacity, safely grounding your home’s electricity with three prong outlets and arc fault protection. We can even provide whole home surge protection.

Our master and journeymen electricians are consistently trained and re-certified in the latest industry-leading technology and have specifically been in the business of replacing knob and tube wiring in Milwaukee for more than 34+ Years.  Let our professional team work at safely illuminating and energizing your home.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can provide knob and tube replacement and upgrade solutions for your Milwaukee home today.