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Why You Should Invest in a Generator in Milwaukee

As a responsible homeowner, it’s always a good idea to consider investing in a generator. Milwaukee whether can be predictably severe, with powerful winter storms and spring and summer tornadoes often causing power outages due to trees falling onto power lines. But in today’s connected society, being stuck without power isn’t just inconvenient: it can affect your children’s ability to do their homework, as well as your professional output on those occasions you take work home with you. It can even put you and your family’s wellbeing at risk if you don’t have heating during extreme cold or AC during extreme heat.

The Convenience of a Generator

With a generator, you don’t have to worry when the grid fails. You can still use all of your appliances and devices; your fridge and freezer will still function; and your central air system will keep your home at the right temperature.

There are two basic types of generators:

Portable generator

Portable generators are the smaller and less powerful option, but it’s convenient in that you can hook it up wherever you need it. You do need to have gas on hand to power it, though. It’s also imperative that you never run this type of generator inside, since it can emit carbon monoxide, which can be extremely dangerous.

Standby Generator 

A standby generator is integrated with your home’s electric system and kicks in when the grid powers down. Though it’s more expensive that a portable generator and needs to be installed by professional electricians, it provides uninterrupted power and is the more convenient option.

Advice from the Professionals

If you’re not sure what type of generator to purchase or if you want to know more about installation, operation and maintenance, call Current Electric today. Our expert electricians have years of experience installing and maintaining residential generators in Milwaukee and can advise you on the best option for your household’s needs. And when you’re ready to move forward with installation of a residential generator, we’re here to give you the best product and service in Milwaukee – guaranteed!

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