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How the Focus on Energy Program Can Help Your Small Business

Current Electric Partners With Focus on Energy to Save You Money

As a small business owner, you may be struggling to find ways to lower energy costs. Well, struggle no more – Current Electric and Focus on Energy are here to help!

According to the website, Focus on Energy, “Helps Wisconsin businesses lower operational costs and improve their bottom lines through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.”

But, you can’t perform these energy efficiency projects by yourself. That’s where Current Electric comes in!

Current Electric’s Involvement With Focus on Energy

Current Electric’s owner and President, Chuck Smith, discussed their partnership with Focus on Energy and exactly how it will help small businesses cut energy costs.

Smith explained that the Focus on Energy program is essentially funds from everyone’s utility bills that’s used to distribute to qualified and registered Wisconsin businesses, like Current Electric. The portion of those funds that Current Electric applies for are used as cash incentives to their customers.

“We are a Focus on Energy approved Small Business Program service provider that is equipped to procure these incentives to assist small business owners in making these investments to improve their business,” Smith said.

The point of these incentives, Smith explained, is to reduce energy bills through a variety of electrical upgrades and improvements.

These improvements include things from insulating piping to installing different types of lighting technologies such as solid state LED and high performance linear fluorescent systems.

“It even has some water saving devices, such as aerators,” Smith said.

But, what does this mean for you?

The energy conservation measures detailed in this program, Smith said, can often be implemented for little to no cost to the business owner!

Additionally, for any measures not eligible for incentives through the Small Business Program, he said, “There are other Focus on Energy incentive programs available and we can help navigate the business owner through that process as well.”

Smith continued, “It all has a great return on investment.”

Does Your Business Qualify?

In order to qualify for the Focus on Energy incentives, Smith said, you have to be an electric utility customer in the State of Wisconsin.

Other qualifications do come into play as well. Smith said it depends on what type of utility user you are and explained that franchise chain stores are excluded from the Small Business Program. However, these types of businesses may qualify for other program offerings.

But, don’t worry if you don’t qualify right now. Smith said, “[The qualifications] are constantly changing and offering different incentives. We are well-versed in getting the proper incentives for your business.”

Why Current Electric?

“Current Electric is proud to be a Focus on Energy Program Ally,” Smith said, “and has been helping people reduce and manage their utility bills for over 34 Years.”

Energy efficient improvements are becoming a necessity and in some cases mandatory. Current Electric wants to help you and your business more easily afford them.

To do that, they hire the right team with the greatest experience. Smith said, “Current Electric is also proud to be an active NALMCO (interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies) member and be the only electrical contractor in the State of Wisconsin that has two NALMCO certified lighting professionals to help you with all of your home and business lighting designs and energy saving projects.”

For more information on whether your small business qualifies for Focus on Energy program, or to schedule service with Current Electric, give them a call today!

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