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Home Safety Solutions


Proper lighting helps keep homeowners, their family, and friends safe—it’s that simple.

Well-illuminated properties are safer because having clear vision makes potential obstacles easier to see. Well-lit driveways and household exteriors make a world of difference when it comes to late nights and home security.  Proper lighting tends to ward off inappropriate activity, while at the same time provides homeowners with a sense of protection and peace of mind.

How Can Current Electric Improve My Home’s Safety & Security?

It’s not just about lights.  There are a number of specific ways electrical systems work to enhance household safety and security.

  1. Smoke Detection Systems: We promise that smoke detectors are good for more than beeping when food heats up in the kitchen. They work to detect failing wires, arching wires, fire, or other electrical emergencies before they get out of control.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Protection: Simply stated, every household needs in place a carbon monoxide detection system that works.    
  3. Driveway Lighting Sensors: No need to rush inside first to turn on the lights, or hope someone else does it for you.  Driveway lighting sensors detect your car as soon as it pulls up. They illuminate the driveway, so that unloading children, luggage, and groceries at night is both convenient and safe.
  4. Front and Rear Door Lighting Sensors: Can’t see who’s at your door?  Now you can with automatic door lighting sensors.
  5. Daylight Timers: Take control of when your household lights go on and off. Save money and increase home security.
  6. Immediate Turn On of All Exterior Lights: Why not have the ability to illuminate your entire property at once with either the flick of a switch or via an automatic sensor? We can make this happen.

For more than 34 Years, Current Electric has been helping to make lives a little brighter by providing the gift of light and home security.

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