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Have You Had Your Home Safety Inspection Yet?

Protect Your Family and Your Home


It’s one thing to have safety features installed in your home. It’s completely another to have working safety features. While you might think everything is operating smoothly, you can’t be sure until you have a home safety inspection with Current Electric.

Why You Need a Home Safety Inspection

It’s more than just coming into your home and pushing some buttons to make sure your alarms and lights work as they should. Our home safety inspection involves a full, high-quality check of all systems, outlets, and wiring to ensure that you and your family are safe in your home all of the time.

Some of the features we check are:

  1. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: Without working alarms, you and your family are at risk of fire or carbon monoxide exposure. As days go on, you may not even notice that the batteries have died or that they’re off.  It’s important to have them checked every now and then to keep your family safe.
  2. Service panel: Checking on your service panel is important for two reasons. The first is because we can tell if there is anything out of order and whether or not it is working properly. The second is that we’re able to determine whether or not it’s time you had a service panel upgrade. Outdated panels are fire hazards so you definitely don’t want them sticking around for too long.
  3. Home grounding: An ungrounded electrical box, appliance, or outlet poses a serious danger to you and your family. If electricity doesn’t have a clear path to the service panel, there is a risk of electrocution. We’ll check and make sure your outlets are grounded and make suggestions on what to do if they’re not.


In total, there are seven points of inspection that we take care of when we get to your home. We won’t leave unless we’re confident that your home is completely safe. We’ll make suggestions for upgrades, if necessary, and make sure you feel comfortable with all of your safety features.

For more information on our 7-point inspection, or to set one up, give Current Electric a call today!

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