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Home Generator Installation in Milwaukee: Why Generac?

Homeowners who live in areas that experience frequent power outages are advised to install generators in order to avoid losing the use of their essential appliances. A generator can also help homeowners maintain safety and comfort features like heat, lighting and well water pumps during a severe storm – when they need them most. But how do you know which type of generator to choose?

Generac offers several models of home generators that can protect you from power outages 24 hours a day. If you’re thinking about home generator installation in Milwaukee here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a Generac:

EcoGen Series: This generator is the only one designed specifically to backup alternative energy systems, such as solar or wind power. An EcoGen generator can recharge your power system’s batteries when your main power source can’t.

  • An EcoGen only needs maintenance after every 500 hours of use.
  • The EcoGen series is fueled by environmentally friendly, energy efficient LP gas.
  • This model is the quietest in the industry.

Corepower System: If you’re only looking to back up your essential circuits during a power outage, you might think that a portable generator is the most affordable option. The Corepower automatic standby generator from Generac costs about the same a portable generator, and it’s easier to use.

  • You don’t have to change your fuel supply. The Corepower can run on LP or natural gas.
  • The Corepower comes with an automatic power transfer switch.
  • Unlike a portable generator, the Corepower starts automatically when the power goes out.

Guardian Series: This is one of the most powerful air-cooled generators on the market, as well as the most popular standby generator in North America. The Guardian can provide all the backup electricity needed for your home or business.

  • Within 10 seconds of an outage, the Guardian generator will begin working.
  • The Guardian comes with Generac’s Nexus Controller that includes an LCD display, allowing you to monitor the status of your generator from inside your home.

QuietSource Series: If you’re looking for complete power protection for your home or business, the QuietSource generator by Generac fits the bill.

  • Runs more quietly than any other brand.
  • The QuietSource’s powerful low-speed liquid-cooled engine is fuel efficient.
  • The QuietSource has an aluminum, watertight enclosure that will protect it from all types of weather.
  • You can monitor the functions of your generator from inside of your home with the Generac’s Nexus Controller.

Looking for home generator installation in Milwaukee? Find out why Generac is the best choice today by calling your licensed electrician.


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