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Home Electrical Automation


Smart phones, tablets, and wireless technology make other parts of our lives more convenient; why not use them to help manage home energy usage? Well, now you can.

Yes, home electrical automation is real and it’s here to stay. We love it not only for its ease-of-use, but also for its potential money-saving attributes. More control means improved household management—that goes for enhanced lighting capabilities as well as lower utility bills.

We are fully stocked with Lutron RadioRa Systems.  This industry-leading wireless technology gives homeowners full home management control that includes just about everything: light, shade, temperature, and appliance control.

Benefits of Home Electrical Automation

Simply stated, more direct control equals more convenience and money saved.  We’re hard-pressed to think of a downside to home electrical automation. Here’s a look at some of the advantages and benefits of technological home enhancements:

  • Convenience and Efficiency: The ability to wirelessly control every aspect of your home’s electrical systems
  •  Save Energy: You can control when more or less electricity is needed. For example, you can ensure that lights automatically turn  off when no motion is detected.
  •  Lower Utility Bills: Less energy usage means lower monthly electric bills.
  •  Key-Pad/Data/Voice Control: Home electrical automation includes these additional home safety and security  solutions.  Take ownership of your home’s safety with these uniquely customizable options.
  •  Improved Safety & Security: Keep your home safe while increasing its overall value.

Home Automation: A Win-Win Solution

Keeping your home safe and secure while saving money and gaining more control sounds good to us!

The experts at Current Electric have been working hard to maintain the safety of greater Milwaukee’s homes for more than 34+ Years and we know what it takes to ensure superior quality, service, and security.

Consider a home electrical automation install or update so you too may reap the benefits of this convenient wireless technology. Contact Current Electric today to learn more.