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Our History of Excellent Service in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Working Since 1983

ChuckIn 1983 Chuck Smith started Current Electric by doing all of the work that nobody else wanted to do in Milwaukee. Working out of a Duplex that he owned he knew that by providing great service at a reasonable price would be how he can grow his company. Driving by a sign one day a local TV station had “Current Events” on an advertisement. Chuck always loved one-word titles and the word Current jumped out at him. At the time you had to go to a building and apply for the name and when he did he was told that you have to put the name in the yellow pages so he did. Current Electric was one of a hundred plus in the Yellow pages and the calls started coming in.

A friend of Chuck’s joined him and they started doing high-end work along the Bluemound Rd corridor and a lot of the Galleria Mall. The quality of work was spreading and the company started thriving. Chuck was able to start bringing in employees which at the time had technology challenges. One day an employee came to him and said: “Chuck, I don’t need to come in and give you my time sheet, I can fax it to you.” So they advanced the technology and ordered a phone number for faxing. Quickly it came to the point where the team was using fax for everything including invoices and quotes. What a great time saver this was. All of the superheroes had pagers except for chuck who had a cell phone that looked like a heavy purse. One day Chuck even almost caught his seat on fire because of the battery with the phones.

Chuck right away knew that he wanted to be a learning institution for electricians. He knew he wanted to help people be better than themselves. He knew that by doing this he would create happy employees and in turn, happy employees create happy customers. This philosophy is the core of Current Electric and lives in everything we do. It is amazing to think that this thought was there even before the Business coaching world was a common thing for Small Businesses.

Fast forward to today we have a lot of the same philosophy’s that we had then. Current Electric needs to stay at the forefront of technology. We need to have the latest and greatest products and techniques that help out customers. This is why when discussing the next phase of electrical we speak highly about Solar, LED lighting and backup generators.

Everybody asks why a superhero? Chuck first came up with the idea because he truly believes that our team members are superheroes. They leave at the beginning of the day and they leave their families, their wives and all of the problems behind to take care of others. Our superheroes turn problems into dreams. They always treat customers right and with respect. The cape signifies the value of teamwork. Not one person can be a superhero alone, it takes a team of people to take care of customers along every step of the way to provide superior services.

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