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Generac Corepower Generator Installation in Milwaukee

A generator can be a lifesaver to have in stock when weather strikes your area. With a Generac Corepower generator, you are protecting just the essential circuits in case of a power outage. One would think that only a portable generator can supply the power you need while not straining the wallet. Think again!

With the Generac Corepower generator, you are getting the most affordable standby generator on the market today. Tied into your main power source, the Corepower is there when the power goes out, whether you are home or not. This fella packs a lot of punch in a small package!

Features of the Generac Corepower

  • Connects to fuel supply, LP or Natural Gas
  • Tied into home electrical system
  • Includes an automatic transfer switch
  • Cost comparable to a portable generator
  • Starts as soon as there’s an outage and runs until power is restored.

If you are travelling or away from home, you’ll be assured that your essential circuits are protected from power failure. Could be your refrigerator stocked with food, security systems, exterior lighting, or essential pumps and switches. The Corepower saves the stress and keeps things running when you are away or home.

What Current Electric Does

  • Covers all features for your specific need
  • Explains pricing upfront
  • Includes professional installation
  • Tests unit
  • Offers maintenance program

Protecting your home and family is your number one concern. That’s why we want to be the dependable source for your backup power needs. With the Corepower generator, you’ll rest easy knowing the vital circuits in your house are covered and taken care of.

We have many generator models to chose from. From protecting only the vital circuits to the entirety of your home’s electrical system. Stop by or contact Current Electric today! We look forward to your business.

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