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Enhance Your Home with Lighting Upgrades in Milwaukee

When you see pictures of beautiful home interior in magazines or on television commercial, there will always be one similarity: the designer has paid critical attention to the positioning of the lighting.

Correctly designed lighting makes the difference between an average home and a beautiful living area. You can brighten up a space, highlight certain aspects, and literally light up a room with aesthetic, adaptable, and affordable lighting upgrades from the Milwaukee experts! At Current Electric, our electricians aren’t just problem-solvers — they’re also expert design consultants who love the challenge of reinvigorating an older home with new and beautiful lighting. If you have an idea for a remodel, are looking to change the function of a space, or simply want to replace your old, broken down lighting fixtures, call Current Electric for lighting upgrades in Milwaukee today.

The 4 Types of Lighting Upgrade

There are 4 options for lighting upgrades that all homeowners ought to be aware of before they begin the process of revamping, remodeling, or redesigning their home:

  1. Retrofit– In this process, your Milwaukee electrician will change out lamp parts to improve their appearance or energy efficiency. For instance, replacing a standard T8 lamp with an energy efficient T8 is an example of a retrofit someone may want for a single fixture.
  2. Lighting Management– Change the way you control your lights with new modern lighting management options. Light dimmers, motion detectors, and even wireless remote controls all can be installed by the Milwaukee electricians at Current in order to alter both interior and exterior lighting function.
  3. Whole-Home Replacement/Upgrade– Looking to do a total recreation of your living areas? Current Electric can remove all of the lighting fixtures currently installed in your home and upgrade them to more modern, more beautiful equipment.
  4. Whole-Home Redesign– When you have a completely new vision for the lighting of your home, the Milwaukee lighting upgrade experts can help. Call Current Electric for whole-home redesign to have a professional lighting upgrade consultant advise you on making your dream a reality.

The best lighting upgrade professionals in Milwaukee are ready to help you beautify and reinvent your home. Call Current Electric for lighting upgrades today!

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