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Ask a Milwaukee Electrician: When is Electrical Rewiring Necessary?

Modern day electronics are demanding. A home filled with devices can quickly trip a circuit or cause lights to flicker or dim. Is this a simple inconvenience, or signs of a much larger problem? If you’re homes wiring is out of date, this isn’t a simple problem, this is a major concern for the safety of your family and home. The only way to know what these root problem of these minor warnings signs, is to have a super hero master electrician check out your home to identify the issues. Luckily, Milwaukee has Current Electric!

Here are some major signs your home needs electrical rewiring. Remember, don’t take these issues lightly: your home and safety are at risk:

Popping Circuit Breakers: This issue is quickly fixed by flipping or replacing a few pieces, but don’t take it for a minor issue. If surges are causing unexpected pops, it’s a major sign that you need additional circuit power or protection (i.e. grounding).

Two-Prong Outlets: Older homes, we’re looking at you. Most modern electronics require a ground (the peg at the bottom) in order to work which is a major safety concern. If you’re using electronics that aren’t properly grounding, surges can cause damage to the equipment or your home. Making this change is quick and easy.

Flickering Lights: Dim lights or lights that flicker is a sure sound that you’re not getting enough power to them.

These aren’t only concerns over the safety of your equipment or minor inconveniences, this is a matter of safety for your home and family. Getting your home inspected by a trained technician is the first step in addressing the issues, and Current Electric is here to help. Give us a call today and get the peace of mind knowing that your home is safer and up-to-date.

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