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Electrical Panel Upgrade in Milwaukee

If you have a fuse box still acting as your electrical panel, this blog is for you. Have an old home? It may be time for an electrical panel upgrade.

This week we’ll be continuing our walk-through of the most important electrical protection and code compliance safety measures to have in your Milwaukee home. The next critical component of electrical safety is having an up to date electrical panel which, in this day and age, means having a circuit breaker with enough capacity to service and manage 300 to 400 amps of electrical current.

The Difference Between Fuse Boxes and Circuit Breakers

The purpose of your electrical panel is to cut off current to circuits that are overloaded. For instance, if too many people in the house are using electricity at once, you may experience a power outage — that’s because your electrical panel has determined that the capacity of the wiring has been exceeded and has “tripped” it (i.e. shut it off). If the electrical panel didn’t successfully do that, it would cause serious problems: the wiring could overheat and melt, causing potential electrical fires. Needless to say, having a functional electrical panel is key to having safe electricity.

Essentially, circuit breakers are the more advanced form of electrical panel. Fuse boxes are outdated and even dangerous in some conditions, so in order to avoid damage to your wiring, appliances, and home as well as reduce the risk of electrical fire, you’ll need to get an electric panel upgrade.

Here’s why. When a circuit breaker trips, the current magnetizes and flips a switch. It can be easily and safely flipped back into place when the power surge has been resolved, and the circuit will be automatically restored. When a fuse box blows a fuse, what’s actually happening is that the electricity has effectively melted the fuse itself, causing the current to stop. ow you need to find a replacement fuse. Getting a replacement fuse can be inconvenient as not all fuses are the same size, and in the meantime you’ll have no power.

Benefits of Electrical Panel Upgrade

When you upgrade your Milwaukee home’s electrical panel to a circuit breaker with the correct capacity and number of circuits, you’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not high efficiency devices will fit on your electrical system. You’ll no longer need to worry about electrical fires or power surges. You’ll have enough outlets for your appliances and enough power to make sure that they operate properly for the entirely of their lifespan.

Does your home have an old or outdated electrical panel? Then don’t wait for disaster to strike. Call Current Electric for electrical panel upgrade service today!


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