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Many common electrical problems could result in fires if not attended to, so get electrical box repair now!



The electrical panel (or breaker box) is the most important part of your home electrical system because without it nothing would work. It is used to connect to the power lines from the utility company and delivers electrical current to all of the circuits inside of your home.

In the case of an electrical emergency, the breaker box also serves as the first line of defense against any problems. It uses fuses to help safeguard against overheating and overloading.

Because it’s used so frequently, an electrical box is bound to wear out over time. Though service panels are simple systems, there are a number of things that can go wrong with them.

Common breaker box problems

  1. Damaged electrical service cables: These are the cables that run from the power pole to your home and should never be touched by anyone except the electric company. If you think these may be causing an issue with your breaker box, then you should contact a professional as soon as possible.
  2. Corrosion/rust: If any source of moisture gets into the electric panels, it can cause serious damage. To avoid this in the future, remove all sources of moisture, even general interior humidity. Once corrosion gets bad enough, connections become compromised.
  3. Knockouts or pennies behind fuses: This is a potentially very dangerous problem that occurs in older types of electrical service panels with older twist-in type fuses. ¬†Sometimes, people will place a penny or other metal object behind the fuse and screw the fuse back into the service panel box. This will keep a breaker from switching off the power, but it’s dangerous because the heat created in that type of situation can lead to an electrical fire.
  4. No knockouts: There could be something that isn’t supposed to be there (like pennies) or there could be nothing at all. Removing the knockouts leaves gaps in the electrical panel and those gaps can be dangerous as they allow access into the enclosure.
  5. Double dipping on a single breaker: You are not alone if you have added new outlets and switches to your home without adding another circuit breaker. Many people run new wire to the breaker box and then insert two wires into one breaker fuse. This is dangerous and illegal because it’s the cause of many home fires.
  6. Oversized breakers or fuses: This occurs when a load-carrying wire is undersized when compared to the amp rating of the fuse or breaker that it’s connected to. If a low-amped wire carries a load that it can’t handle, it can melt the outer wire jacket and lead to a fire.
  7. Bad panel types: This problem is something that may not have been known when the original breaker was installed. There are some panels – like Federal Pacific and Zinsco to name a couple- that have histories of breaker failures. Most of these older panels don’t have enough room to handle the electrical needs for today’s home.


And these are only some of the electrical panel problems that can occur. Don’t take the chance and have your house catch fire because of something that can be easily repaired. Call Current Electric today and we’ll take care of any electrical needs you may have!

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