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Double Tapped Breaker Repair Milwaukee

Additional Wires Dangerous on Breakers Meant to Hold One Circuit

When you move into a new house, all of your electronics and appliances come with it. And, sometimes, you’re eager to get bigger and better luxuries to accommodate your new living space.

In order to properly run all of those appliances, you need the space on your circuit breaker. Otherwise, how will they power on?

Many misinformed homeowners and sometimes even electricians will think it’s okay to add wires at fuse connections to increase the number of circuits that are available to your electrical system. This, however, is anything but okay.

Double Tapped Electrical Panels

A breaker is considered “double tapped” when two or more wires are connected to the hot terminal. Many circuit breakers are only designed to hold one circuit, and adding more is dangerous.

  1. Double taps are problematic because they make it so the circuits cannot be isolated. So, if work needs to be done, the electrician is going to have a tough time.
  2. But, the main reason double tapped panels are a huge issue, is because of their connection. While they may seem like they’re holding on tight, they can become loose at any time. And when they do it can lead to overheating, arcing, and even a fire. It’s definitely not worth the risk.


What Can You Do?

In many cases, homeowners will add these additional circuits to breakers that are old and have not been updated to hold more power. If this is the situation you have at your home, the solution is easy: upgrade your panel!

You will be able to up your amperage and be able to safely run all of the appliances and electronic devices you need – including those new, luxurious ones!

When you call Current Electric, checking your breaker and it’s functionality is always something that takes priority. We’ll ask you what your amp need is and determine whether your current panel is serving you well. Our superheroes will make suggestions for upgrade if necessary.

Not only will you be able to use all of your appliances worry-free, but you will feel safer in your home.

If you are having trouble with your breakers, or think it’s time for a service panel upgrade, call Current Electric today!

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