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Don’t Get Scammed by an Electrician in Milwaukee

Scams involving household services are becoming increasingly common in recent years. What’s worse is that the scammer can sometimes have enough professional knowledge to convince even the savviest homeowner that everything is on the up-and-up until the final hammer blow falls. Electrical services in particular can be an easy scam for many of these unsavory characters; homeowners that know little about the wiring in their homes are often easy targets. That’s why we at Current Electric put together this primer on how to not get scammed by a so-called electrician in Milwaukee.

There are a few key warning signs you should pick up on when it comes to potential scams. These include:

  • Lack of pricing information: Reputable electricians will generally be able to quote you average pricing for a particular job, whether rewiring a home or adding new lighting. A scam artist will hedge on price significantly, and then drop in unnecessary fees and other costs along the way.
  • Lack of communication: At Current Electric, we pride ourselves on open and honest communication with all our customers. If someone’s trying to scam you, they might stop showing up to the jobsite for no reason, or you may suddenly be unable to reach them on the phone. This can be a clear sign something unsavory is happening.
  •  Inability to answer questions: If you ask a question about your home’s wiring, and get anything less than a straight answer—or even no answer at all—chances are you may be dealing with an unsavory character. The Current Electric team has more than 34 Years of experience as electricians in Milwaukee, so our team is able to answer any and all questions you might possibly have about electrical service or equipment.
  • Excessive work delays: Depending on the job, it can take anywhere from several hours to several days to complete electrical work. If there’s suddenly excessive delays, however, and the technician seems to dodge your questions, then chances are you’re getting the raw end of a scam.

Don’t be taken in by scammer electricians in Milwaukee. Keep your eyes peeled for any unsavory activities, and you’ll be sure to come out on top.

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