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Chandelier Rewiring in Waukesha, WI

Do-it-yourself Chandelier Rewiring Requires 2 People



If you have had a chandelier in your home for a while, you may notice that it’s not working as well as it once used to. That probably means you need some rewiring work done.

While working with electricity is something many people will shy away from, rewiring a chandelier is a fairly simple process that will allow you to use your chandelier for many more years. If you want to try and tackle this yourself, you will need to grab one other person to help you because it is a two person job.

Steps to assist you in your chandelier rewiring

  1. You’ll want to first turn off the electricity to the room, and test it to make sure there is no current running to the sockets.
  2. Detach the bulb and sleeve from the socket of the broken side of the chandelier. Detach the wires from the sockets and thermal screws.
  3. Of course, you’ll need to purchase new sockets for the chandelier. When you go to the store, take the old ones with you so you know you’re getting the correct size and rating.
  4. Remove the decorative cap in the center of the chandelier that faces downward. Detach the wires from the chandelier arm and main core wires.
  5. Feed the new wires into the arm of the chandelier. To do this, attach the old wires to the new wires with electrical tape. Then, pull the older wires through the arm to feed the new wires in. When finished, take the tape off and remove the old wires.
  6. Connect the new black wires to the main core wires of the chandelier and cap them off with wire caps. Do the same with the white wires, except connect them to the white core wires.
  7. Screw the chandelier cap back onto the bottom and attach the new sockets to the chandelier arms. Replace the bulbs and turn the electricity back on.


And you’re done! However, if you don’t feel you could successfully rewire your own chandelier, or you’d just rather have a professional come out and do it, call Current Electric today!


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