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Generator Maintenance Tips from a Franklin Electrician

Current Electric has a Franklin electrician who is ready to perform around-the-clock service on your electricity. This is incredibly handy when an emergency situation breaks out where you’re left without any power in your home. You shouldn’t have to suffer without power and operate through your home by candlelight in the 21st century, which is why our Franklin electrician makes it the goal to keep power running for all residents.

One of our most important services is generator maintenance. Our Franklin electrician can inspect your generator for any kinks or bugs that may prevent it from working at its best.  But if you’re a more independent-minded homeowner, we’re also happy to offer tips on how you can maintain it and keep the power running all day, every day.

What Does Our Franklin Electrician Recommend?

For optimum performance, our Franklin electrician wants to give you some pointers on how to properly take care of your generator throughout the year and in between our professional maintenance check-ups:

  • Check Overall Condition: Give your generator a look over for corrosion, loose or broken wires, and stuck buttons. Clean away any debris that could be getting into the alternator. If anything can’t be fixed by your own hands, leave it in the hands of a professional.
  • Check the Battery. Top off the distilled water in the battery if needed, and check its voltage. Batteries are usually only good for 2-3 years, so make sure you don’t have a battery that’s too old to provide power.
  • Change Lubricant Oil and Filters: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use synthetic oil in air cooled units. Lubricant oil
  • Check Bolts and Gasket. Wear and tear is inevitable but most issues are usually easy replacements. Bolts and gaskets may have extensive damage
  • Check Fuel. Any unused gas just sitting in the generator loses its effectiveness after 6 months. Dispose of it properly and call a professional to see what can do next to get the most out of your gas.
  • Use Generator Regularly: If you’re not using your generator all the time, at least start it up every 6 months to make sure it’s ready to go. Lengthy periods of non-usage can actually prevent you generator from working at its best.

Contact Current Electric today for more generator maintenance tips from a Franklin electrician! When it comes to maintaining your generator, we want to have total power over its well-being.

Ask a Commercial Electrician in Milwaukee: Why Do You Need a Generator?

A commercial electrician in Milwaukee can install a highly efficient generator in your home to keep power running for all your lights, appliances, and fixtures. However, many Milwaukee residents often wait too long for generator installation and by the time they realize their old generator may not provide them with power, it’s far too late. When a storm or power surge knocks out power, it can lead to a less safe and secure home for all members of your household.

Current Electric is here to offer a commercial electrician in Milwaukee who can stress the importance of a generator. It’s always surprising to learn how many homes don’t have proper generator installation, which is why our commercial electricians in Milwaukee aim to install one in every home!

A Commercial Electrician in Milwaukee Says, “Install Now!”

We’ve all experienced power outages. However, during really bad storms, power outages can last for days. Here’s why you need a generator in your home immediately:

  • Fight Power Outages: When you lose power, you can’t do anything. You can’t cook; you can’t call anybody on your landline; you can’t enjoy a movie or your favorite music; and you can’t use your computer for work or study. A backup generator will keep the power running to make all those activities possible.
  • Make Your Home Safer: It’s clear not having power is inconvenient at best and potentially dangerous at worst. When power outages take out your AC, it can lead to higher indoor temperatures which increase the risk of heat stroke. Storms and power surges can knock out security systems, leaving your home at risk for intruders. A generator will keep power running for both appliances to make your home safer for all occupants.
  • Keep Lights On: You shouldn’t have to navigate through your home with candlelight. A generator will keep lights on even during intense storms. Even when appliances like your television and computer can’t withstand the thunder and lightning, a backup generator will keep your home shining brightly amidst dark clouds and heavy rains.

Contact Current Electric today for a commercial electrician in Milwaukee to install a generator in your home. Keep the power on in your home now!

5 Great Reasons to Consider Generator Installation in Milwaukee

Now the weather’s getting milder and the days are getting longer, it’s a good time to consider generator installation in Milwaukee. We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of power outages. In the winter, they can leave you huddled around a wood stove trying to get warm while reading by candlelight. In the summer, you can be stuck with skyrocketing temperatures and no way to cool yourself, your family or your pets down. So it’s only logical to want more information about generators.

How You Can Benefit from a Generator

Installing an automatic backup generator is quite simply the best protective measure for your home in the event of a power outage:

  1. It’s safer and more powerful than a portable generator; plus it switches on and off automatically when the grid powers down and back up again.
  2. It keeps your household appliances running. That includes your fridge and freezer, so you won’t have to throw all your food away.
  3. You’ll always have heating or AC. Extremely cold or hot outdoor temperatures will no longer pose a danger to you and the other members of your household.
  4. You’re never without your communication and entertainment devices, which means you can still contact people, do work or homework, and of course, watch your favorite show.
  5. It adds value to your home. A home with a good generator is worth more than one without; so installing a generator can help increase your ROI on your real estate.

Ask Your Trusted Electrician 

To find out more about how you can benefit from installing a generator, call the team at Current Electric. We can explain to you what the different types of residential generators are and help you assess which one would be the best match for your needs. We can also inform you in detail exactly how the installation would take place and to what extent the work would impact you and your family. And of course, we’ll give you a free estimate!

Invest in your comfort, safety and property: call Current Electric to schedule generator installation in Milwaukee today!

Why You Should Invest in a Generator in Milwaukee

As a responsible homeowner, it’s always a good idea to consider investing in a generator. Milwaukee whether can be predictably severe, with powerful winter storms and spring and summer tornadoes often causing power outages due to trees falling onto power lines. But in today’s connected society, being stuck without power isn’t just inconvenient: it can affect your children’s ability to do their homework, as well as your professional output on those occasions you take work home with you. It can even put you and your family’s wellbeing at risk if you don’t have heating during extreme cold or AC during extreme heat.

The Convenience of a Generator

With a generator, you don’t have to worry when the grid fails. You can still use all of your appliances and devices; your fridge and freezer will still function; and your central air system will keep your home at the right temperature.

There are two basic types of generators:

Portable generator

Portable generators are the smaller and less powerful option, but it’s convenient in that you can hook it up wherever you need it. You do need to have gas on hand to power it, though. It’s also imperative that you never run this type of generator inside, since it can emit carbon monoxide, which can be extremely dangerous.

Standby Generator 

A standby generator is integrated with your home’s electric system and kicks in when the grid powers down. Though it’s more expensive that a portable generator and needs to be installed by professional electricians, it provides uninterrupted power and is the more convenient option.

Advice from the Professionals

If you’re not sure what type of generator to purchase or if you want to know more about installation, operation and maintenance, call Current Electric today. Our expert electricians have years of experience installing and maintaining residential generators in Milwaukee and can advise you on the best option for your household’s needs. And when you’re ready to move forward with installation of a residential generator, we’re here to give you the best product and service in Milwaukee – guaranteed!

5 Reasons for Generator Installation in Milwaukee, WI

With the frequency of severe weather in the United States increasing, home owners are left without power more often, and for longer periods of time. If you’re one of these homeowners, you might want to consider generator installation before the next storm hits. Here are five reasons for generator installation.

  1. Never worry about losing critical home systems and appliances. With generator installation you’ll never have to worry about losing the source of your home’s heat during a blizzard or having all of the food in the refrigerator go bad during an extended power outage. Important safety and comfort features like outdoor lighting, home alarms and well pumps can keep running.
  2. Avoid flooding. If your basement relies on a sump pump to stay dry during severe rain storms, the last thing you want is for your pump’s power source to give out. Basement flooding can damage flooring and walls, as well as your home’s electrical system.
  3. Keep kids calm. Young children, and even some adults, can panic when the lights go out. Generator installation can keep your lights on and keep everyone in your house calm and happy until your electrical service returns to normal.
  4. Minimize disruption to your everyday routine. The rest of the world doesn’t stop running just because you have a power outage. You will still want to report to work, get the kids to school and activities and attend special events like birthdays and weddings. Generator installation can make this possible.
  5. You’ll have peace of mind. With generator installation you’ll never have to worry about what will happen if your power goes out. Whether it’s keeping your kids and pets warm, providing your family with food or making sure that everyone gets to school and work on time, with generator installation you’ll never have to give these things a second thought.

Ready to stop worrying about power outages? Call your licensed electrician for a generator installation estimate today.



Whole-Home Generator Installation in Wauwatosa, WI

Standby generators only come on when needed, saving you money. Consider whole-home generator installation.


There comes a time when carrying around and plugging in that portable generator during a power outage gets to be too much of a hassle. You can’t predict the weather, and you probably won’t know ahead of time if the power decides to go out. You’re going to want a generator that comes on automatically so you won’t have anything to worry about in the event of a weather emergency. What type of generator installation are you going to get?

That’s where a whole-home automatic standby generator comes in. These types of generators monitor utility voltage 24/7 and as soon as electricity is interrupted the generator gets to work. The transfer switch safely disconnects the utility line and the generator restores power. After the utility is restored, the generator returns to standby mode.

Because it only comes on when needed, you won’t be wasting energy or money. That’s just one of the many benefits that come with installing an automatic standby generator. Other advantages of standby generator installation include:

  1. Readiness to work at the moment an outage occurs
  2. No lugging around a portable generator that may or may not work
  3. Outdoor location improves indoor space efficiency
  4. No chance for indoor carbon monoxide leak
  5. Ensures overall safety and security of home or business


Don’t wait until the power goes out to install a whole-home generator. Call Current Electric today for any installation needs!


Top Four Causes of Power Outages in Milwaukee

You Can’t Control the Elements, But You Can Control How You Deal With Them


Nobody except Mother Nature herself can predict the weather and what it will bring. And, unfortunately, inclement weather and heavy rains typically bring power outages right along with it.

Though dreary, power outages are an inevitable part of having a home or business. And since you have probably experienced one at least once in your life, you know what follows: darkness, no heat, no electricity, no… anything. All that can change, though, by investing in reliable standby power.

In order to be adequately prepared for power outages, it’s important to understand why they occur. Some reasons are pretty obvious, but others you may not even realize.

Here’s a list of the top for causes of power outages:

  1. The elements: Wind, lightening, rain, snow, heat, cold, and ice account for about 70% of all outages.
  2. Aging utility lines and grid overload.
  3. Public or animal contact: These types of problems are rare and can cause some obvious harm, but when it does happen they can do serious damage to your home’s electrical system.
  4. Lack of maintenance: There’s not much you can do as far as home upkeep that will keep the power from going out. The maintenance we are referring to is that done by the electric company and the town.


Knowing how to be prepared for a power outage stems from knowing when and why they can occur. Once you know that, you are one step ahead of the game. But, do you want to take it one more step further?

While knowing the causes is important, it won’t help you much when the power actually goes out. That’s when having a Generac Automatic Standby Generator installed comes in handy. It will flip on the instant it recognizes power loss, so you and your family stay safe – and warm – no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

It’s time for you to stop weather it’s tracks the only way you can – with a generator installation. Call Current Electric today!

The Benefits of Automatic Standby Generator Installation

Why Every Milwaukee Home Needs a Generator Installation

The time to think about having a generator installation isn’t after the power goes out. It’s now. The weather is one of the things in life we can’t control. But what you can control is the outcome of whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Rain storm? Thunder and lightning? Power outages all over? No problem. With a back-up generator, not even the worst kind of weather can stand in your way.

A back-up generator is a great, and useful, addition to any home. It is permanently installed outside and works off of your home’s natural power source, whether it’s natural gas or propane.

You may think you’ll be wasting a lot of energy investing in a back-up generator, but the truth is they don’t run unless your home experiences a power outage. All units have a monitoring system that will automatically switch the generator on as soon as power is lost, and then turn it off when you regain power.

Guaranteeing power 100 percent of the time is what your family is going to want to hear. Promising that we can keep your family safe and happy with a back-up generator is what you want to hear. Don’t wait until it’s too late – and too dark – to call Current Electric for a generator installation estimate. We’ll take care of all of your installation needs.


Generator Maintenance in Fox Point, WI

Generator Maintenance is important to ensure long and efficient use, so tune-up today!



Just like you tune up your furnace every winter to ensure it keeps you warm all through the season, the same must be done to your generator. The weather in winter time is unpredictable. Heavy snow can cause power lines to go down, resulting in your home not only being dark, but cold as well.

You don’t want to be stuck like that in the event of a power outage. That’s why calling for a generator maintenance check is so important. At Current Electric, we perform many tasks so that you can feel confident your generator will work when you need it most. Some of those tasks include:

  1. Battery charge state
  2. Inspect and clean spark plugs
  3. Replace air filters (It’s good to change these every 2 years or 200 hours – whichever comes first)
  4. Apply corrosion inhibiting spray engine parts
  5. Change oil and oil filter (Like the air filter, it’s good to change this every 2 years or 200 hours)


No matter what type of generator you have, or what size, Current Electric will be there to help keep you and your family warm, safe, and free of power outages. Call us today!


Generac Guardian Generator Installation in Milwaukee

The thunder and lightning create havoc in the summer night sky outside your windows. In the past, as you watched the driving rain pummel your yard, you would rummage through drawers for dusty candles and spare batteries for the flashlights. Even if it is something beyond general comfort you wish to protect from power outages, the professional staff at Current Electric is here to help.

With several models of Generac generators to choose from, your power supply backup needs are met. The one model that stands out from the rest and is perfect for any home or business situation is the Generac Guardian.

Generac Guardian Features

  • Backup power kicks in within 10 minutes of power going out
  • Quiet operation
  • OHVI engine, running days or even weeks without fail
  • Mobile Link remote monitoring
  • Evolution controller.
  • Quiet-Test weekly self-evaluation
  • LCD text display with backlit buttons

The Guardian is the perfect model for home or business. Whether you only want certain circuits backed up or the entire electrical system, the Guardian stands behind its name with dependable and efficient service. Fueled by LP, or liquid propane, the Guardian begins backing up power and lasting as long as the outage does.

Away from home you read about some nasty weather in your area. Instead of panicking and stressing about your vital electrical circuits, rest easy and monitor the generator’s performance from your smartphone or tablet. The Generac Guardian is the best model available on the market today and we stand behind its craftsmanship.

Made in America, actually right here in Wisconsin, Generac is the name we stand behind. Visit our showroom today or give us a call. Professional electrical experts are waiting to discuss the benefits behind the Guardian. The installation is done correctly and quickly allowing you to begin your life without the stress of power outages.

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