Emergency Generator – Why it Can Be One of Your Best Investments

There may be nothing more annoying and inconvenient than a power outage. Lost work time, spoiled food, loss of heat. These things are all consequences that home and business owners face when the electricity unexpectedly goes out.  There is a solution to these problems, and investing in a backup generator is that solution. Although these emergency generator systems aren’t cheap, even if you just purchase a portable generator, they are a great investment.

8 Benefits of Investing in an Emergency Generator

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re just looking for an emergency generator for your home, there are big benefits to getting a backup power system. You’ll save money, irritation and mental energy in the long run. Consider the following points as you weigh the pros and cons of a new generator.

  1. Prevent food loss from spoiling. Individuals and families can spend hundreds of dollars a month on foods that stay in the refrigerator or freezer until they’re ready to use those ingredients. When the power goes out and stays out, it can mean that you have to throw out food before you’ve had a chance to use it.
  2. Standby generators kick within seconds of a power outage. Your neighbors might be without power when the utility company suffers an issue, but with your standby generator, you’ll just have to wait a few seconds. The generator will start and warm up for a few seconds before it starts to power your home, but that shouldn’t take too long, often between 10 and 20 seconds.
  3. When power comes back on, the transition will be smooth. Standby generators help to smooth the transition from emergency generator power back to utility-generated power. These units typically run for a few minutes after the utility company gets the electricity back up and running, to ensure that the power is indeed stable enough to power your home. Once the motor has cooled a bit and the demand for power has transitioned to the utility lines, the emergency generator shuts off.
  4. Even during an extended power disruption, you’ll be able to entertain yourselves and your family. You’ll be able to watch TV, listen to music, have electricity to read by and have hot water for bathing and other usages. Assuming you have a standby generator, you won’t be dragging out a portable generator and looking for extension cords. With a standby generator, you shouldn’t even have to get up from where you are or interrupt your activities.
  5. Commercial property and business owners will not see a disruption in their security system coverage. With a backup emergency generator that kicks on within seconds, you’ll hear a warning beep, but the power should be up and running quickly enough that there’s no real disruption in protection for your business.
  6. Generators keep sump pumps working properly. If you have a sump pump near your basement to keep the water out during particularly rainy and wet times, you won’t have to worry about potential flooding issues from a power loss. An emergency generator keeps the sump pump running with minimal interruption, which could mean minimal damage from wet weather that knocks out the power grid.
  7. You can keep connections with others alive. So many people have digital devices that they use to communicate with others as well as entertain themselves. And we’re talking about more than just a phone or smart phone. Computers are such a big part of everyday life now. Losing power can be very disruptive.
  8. You never know when you need backup power. There are many reasons that the power might go out. Severe weather, trees falling onto power lines, even rodents gnawing on connections – these are all reasons that the power might unexpectedly fail, and no one can predict exactly when something like that might happen, or how long it might last, particularly in the winter months when the weather is unpleasant and cold.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to add an emergency generator to your emergency kit, there are tradeoffs, like the cost of the system. For a business owner who has power tools to run at work sites or at their main site, an emergency generator is an investment that can help employees get more done. For homeowners, the investment into a backup power system (whether a permanent standby generator or a portable unit) could pay for itself with a bad weather or unpredictable electrical grids.

Don’t get stuck without power because you didn’t maintain or purchase a new emergency generator and call Current Electric today!

3 Questions to Ask a Licensed Electrician in Milwaukee, WI before Generator Installation

So you recently hired a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI for generator installation—awesome! It’s now just a matter of installing the generator right away, and you’ll have power for anything you could ever want, right?

Well, not quite. Before you allow the electrician to go right ahead and install, you need to make sure you’re installing a generator that will provide a high level of performance worth every dollar. After all, when you need your electrical needs met, you absolutely have the right to know what you’re installing to the fullest extent.

At Current Electric, we have a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI who is ready to answer your most pressing questions. We don’t provide you with a generator and move on. Our electricians provide amazing customer service that will listen to your every word and ensures you’re getting a reliable generator for your home. And given our collective years of experience, there’s really no question our electricians can’t answer.

What Should You Ask a Licensed Electrician in Milwaukee, WI?

The next time you have an electrician install a generator for your home, you may want to ask:

  1. “How Much Maintenance is Required?” All generators should be maintained on a regular basis. While it’s recommended that you seek maintenance from a professional annually, also make a point to ask the electrician for any maintenance tips that you can apply to your generator on your own time. Usually, regular maintenance on your end will require you to check the oil, visually inspect the unit for any damage, and conduct troubleshooting for any minor issue. A little maintenance can go a long way in expanding your generator’s lifespan and guaranteeing the best performance possible.
  2. “What About The Warranty?” It’s highly important to discuss warranties with your electrician before installation. Generator warranties vary depending on the manufacturer. Ask your electrician about the amount of coverage you’ll receive and if there are any additional deals that will extend it. Knowing the full details of a warranty beforehand will allow you to assess if the generator you’ve chosen to install is the right one.
  3. “Where Should the Generator be Installed?” Any licensed electrician will know to survey your landscape to determine the right location for installation. Location will need to be close to your home’s gas and electrical hookups, and at least 25 feet away to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide from entering your home. Depending on your electrical needs, you also need to consider the size of your generator and how that will correspond with its location.

Contact Current Electric today if you want a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI to provide you with a high-quality generator designed to provide you long-lasting power.

How To Know You Need Repair on Standby Home Generators in Milwaukee, WI

The standby generator that powers your home in an emergency is vital. This generator repair is best left to the experts. But, how do you now when your standby home generator in Milwaukee, WI needs repair?

Signs of Fuel Leaks

If you suspect or detect that your standby generator is low on fuel, call an electrician specializing in generator repair. Most run on gasoline, propane or diesel fuel which can run low due to leaks, evaporation, or damage. If your fuel runs low due to leaks, it can create a potential fire hazard – especially if there is a smoker in your home.

Notifications of Impending Doom

The purpose of your standby generator is to kick in when your home loses its normal power source. It’s akin to having a power plant of your very own. If you know a natural disaster, weather emergency or sustained power outage is on its way, that’s a smart time to have your personal power plant serviced or repaired.

Routinely Ignored Maintenance

If you haven’t documented, or can’t recall, the last time your generator was subjected to routine maintenance, now is a good time to take care of that. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” they say. Regularly scheduled maintenance and staying on top of repairs gives you a peace of mind that you’ll appreciate when the time comes for the generator to kick in.

Known Generator Overload

Most standby generators provide their own overload protection in the form of circuit breakers. If you’ve had a recent standby generator overload, call our skilled electricians. They’ll quickly diagnose the cause and get you back in good running order so your generator is ready for the next time you need it.

With fall right around the corner and winter close at hand, now is a smart time to ensure your home is ready for any loss-of-power situation by keeping your standby home generator in Milwaukee, WI in good repair. Call us today for an estimate and repair schedule.


Why a Generac Backup Generator in Milwaukee, WI is Perfect for Your Home

Current Electric has been keeping home and business owners safe and comfortable for over 25 years. When the wind howls and lightning strikes, losing power is a real possibility, but a Generac backup generator in Milwaukee, WI offers peace of mind to get you through any storm. A Generac generator will supply your home with uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for you. Current Electric boasts a large inventory of high-quality generators to match every property’s needs. Here are three reasons why a Generac backup generator in Milwaukee, WI will be perfect for your home.

Uninterrupted Power

One of the best features of a Generac generator is that it automatically turns on as soon as an interruption in the flow of electricity is detected. This means there’s no traipsing to the basement with a flashlight in an attempt to turn the lights back on. You’ll receive fast and uninterrupted power regardless of how long the power outage lasts.

Stay Comfortable

Both winter and summer storms are notorious for knocking down power lines and causing outages. When a power outage occurs, it will be more than your lights that stop working. Your electric heater and air conditioner will also shut off and leave you and your family vulnerable to frigid winter temperatures or extreme heat. In these cases, a generator is more than a convenience; it’s a life-saving property feature you can’t afford to be without.

Protection from Power Surges

When power is finally restored after an outage, it’s common for the voltage entering your home’s electrical system to be unpredictable. Often times, this results in power surges that have the potential to fry every electronic device plugged into a wall outlet. A Generac backup generator in Milwaukee, WI won’t transfer to the main line until the voltage has been stabilized and the risk of a power surge has passed.

Ride Out the Storm at Home

When you lose power, you lose access to your oven, water heater, furnace, air conditioner, and every other electrical appliance you rely on daily. For major storms and electrical outages lasting several days, you may be forced to temporality find refuge in a hotel or specially set up shelter. With a backup generator, however, you’ll be able stay home in familiar surroundings.

Current Electric is a proud supplier of Generac generators, and they want to give you the kind of peace of mind that only a Generac backup generator in Milwaukee, WI can provide. Call them today to schedule a consultation with one of their trained electricians.

Common Warning Signs You Need Generator Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Imagine getting stuck in this nightmare of a scenario: you lose all power in your home and just when you think your super trustworthy generator will be able to supply you with backup power, it suddenly stops working altogether. While it’s no secret your generator can last you a long time, the time will inevitably come when you need to consider generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI. You need backup power for all of your most essential lights and appliances, and you need it right now.

Current Electric should be the first place you consider for generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI. We have a selection of highly-efficient Generac generators designed to provide your home with unlimited power at any time of year. When you feel like you need a change with your home power, our team of electricians can provide you with a working generator that will be there for you at any time.

Generator Replacement in Milwaukee, WI: When Should You Call Current?

Of course, the key to getting a new generator is knowing when the time is right to replace it. If you’re suspecting you need an overhaul in home power, be on the lookout for:

  • A slow startup time. Your generator should start up within seconds of a power outage but it is means for concern if it seemingly takes longer and longer for it to provide power.
  • Frequent breakdowns. One breakdown can be fixed easily by a professional, but frequent breakdowns can only lead to you spending more money on repair service. Replacing the generator entirely will be a more cost-efficient option.
  • Carbon monoxide emissions. Carbon monoxide is an odorless yet deadly gas that can be emitted from a faulty generator. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off every time you turn on the generator, you need to replace it in a hurry.
  • Greater energy costs. Once a generator malfunctions, it will begin to force itself to work harder and increase the amount of fuel usage it needs to operate. This can eventually place a strain on your savings but fortunately, there are several generators on the market today with greater efficiency levels so you get more power for your dollar.

Contact Current Electric today if you need generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI and our team of electricians will be glad to help!

5 Questions to Ask Before Residential Generator Installation in Brookfield, WI

Fact: Residential generator installation in Brookfield, WI is an urgent matter, especially when you need a steady flow of power to all your essential lights and appliances.

Fiction: You should install the nearest generator you see, no questions asked. Just install it without giving any thought given to pricing or level of efficiency. You’ll be fine, okay?

The truth, of course, is that you will not be fine if you simply just rush through the generator installation process. You need to carefully consider what you’re installing in your home, or else you may be spending money on a generator that simply isn’t right for you.

Current Electric should be your go-to place for residential generator installation in Brookfield, WI. Not only can we install the latest generator in your home, we also make sure you’re getting a generator that can adequately meet your home power needs. Our team of electricians can answer any of your burning questions. In fact, when it comes to determining what generator to install, we won’t give you any half-truth and opt to deliver the facts!

What Should You Ask Before You Install?

When in doubt, always ask questions. Before installing that perfect generator, please ask the following:

  1. How can you determine pricing? The average residential generator can cost you upwards of $10,000 to purchase and install. Generac, one of the most efficient generator brands on the market, can start at a cost of $1,899. Always put budget before anything. You certainly don’t want to wind up putting a massive dent in your savings.
  2.  How much space do you need to install a generator? Residential generators must be installed at least 3-feet away any window or combusted material and 10-feet away from any fuel source like a fuel tank. This is a matter of safety to reduce the risk of electrical fires.
  3. How can you determine sizing? The average residential generators often hover around 8 to 25 kilowatts. If you have a larger home with more appliances, your standby generator needs to be closer to the 25-kilowatt range. Make sure to ask your electrician to conduct sizing before installation.
  4. What are the fueling options? Propane and natural gas are your two main types of generator fuel. Natural gas is more commonly used for residential generators and the easiest to use for homeowners who already have a gas line in their home.
  5. And what about warranties? Having a great, working generator is one thing, but you need also need a great warranty to go alongside it that has your back covered. A multi-year warranty will help you save so much more money on any repairs would you need in the future.

Please call Current Electric today if you are looking for residential generator installation in Brookfield, WI that cuts out the fiction and delivers the real deal!

5 Tips for Generator Maintenance in Milwaukee

Like any other piece of equipment, your generator requires routine maintenance to keep it functioning at its fullest potential. Following a maintenance regime will ensure that you’re never left out in the dark, and it will even extend the life of your investment. With 33 years of experience, Current Electric takes pride in their reputation of being a reliable, trusted electrician. When it comes to generators, they work with top-of-the-line Generac natural gas systems, and they offer these tips to help you with generator maintenance in Milwaukee.

  1. Check The Oil Often: If your generator is new, the oil should be changed after the first 20 hours of use in order to rid the machine of assembly lube and metallic particles. That break-in period is crucial to extending the life of the generator. After the initial oil change, you can get away with changing the oil every 100 hours of use.
  2. Keep it Clean: Dust, dirt, and other small particles can wreak havoc on the interior mechanisms of your generator. Store your gas somewhere clean and out of the way, and never refill the tank in windy conditions. Wind carries dirt and dust with it, and if those particles enter the gas chamber, it will affect your generator’s efficiency.
  3. Inspect for Leaks: It doesn’t take long for a small leak to turn into a big problem. Before you turn your generator on, take the time to inspect the engine for oil leaks. If you spot one, take immediate action regardless of its size. You may only need to tighten a loose part, but there’s also a chance that you will need to replace the part altogether.
  4. Keep That Spark: Overtime, spark plugs collect oil residue and carbon buildup that will affect the efficiency and function of the generator. Spark plugs should be inspected after every 100 hours of use, and you should be looking for any obvious damage or built-up debris. Spark plugs can be cleaned with a wire brush, but if they’re damaged, they should be immediately replaced.
  5. Store it Properly: In most cases, generators are used as back-up during emergency situations. If you’re lucky, those situations are few and far between, so you’ll need to store your generator in between uses. If you plan on going 34 days without using your generator, clean it and drain the fuel tank. Invest in a protective cover and store it in a dry place that is away from heavy foot traffic.

Current Electric does everything that they can to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service. They are honest and trustworthy, and there’s nothing that they value more than customer satisfaction. Call them today to schedule an appointment or learn more about generator maintenance in Milwaukee.

5 Common Indicators You Need Generator Repair in Milwaukee

One of the major benefits of owning a generator is the peace of mind you gain knowing that even if your house loses its main source of power, your generator is there to back it up. That’s why it’s important to keep up with its repairs. Your family depends on electricity to function in modern-day life and electricity could depend solely on the operational ability of your generator. You do the math.

With our licensed and insured electricians at Current Electric in the Milwaukee area, you’ll always be able to leverage our generator repair services to restore your generator back to its reliable and consistent form. Keep in mind that generator repairs are a more cost-effective method than a full replacement.

At Current Electric, our experts have decided to share with you some common warning signs that your generator is in need of a repair job:

  1. Inspect for Outer Damage. Make it a habit to regularly perform exterior inspections of your generator, especially after a storm or other natural disasters. If you spot any kinks to the electric components a professional should look at it right away before you use it again.
  2. No Visit From a Technician for Annual Maintenance? It’s imperative that you have standard maintenance checks on your generator so a professional eye can catch any issue that could expose danger to your family. A professional cleaning always helps too.
  3. Electrical Components are Tattered and/or Worn. Upon a simple inspection, you should be able to discover any frayed wires, stuck buttons, loose connectors, and other electrical oddities. Make sure to test the voltage on the battery too.
  4. Leaks, Leaks, and More Leaks. The older your generator the greater the chance it’ll spring a leak from a hose or line spewing oil, fuel, or coolant everywhere. Be sure to check around for puddles.
  5. It’s Always a Challenge to Start It and/or Keep It Running. If your generator sits dormant for a significant amount of time, the battery may drain. So if this is the case, it’s probably time to contact a licensed service technician.

Reach out to our generator experts at Current Electric today to take care of all your generator repair services in Milwaukee!

Why Should You Invest in Residential Generators in Milwaukee?

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift? While you may be looking for that new gaming console or diamond bracelet, nothing will sustain you quite like residential generators in Milwaukee. As we enter the holiday season, we’re also entering the coldest months of the year and snowstorms are inevitable. The worst fate you could possibly encounter this season is getting stuck in cold weather without any power for your appliances. That means having no power to heat up food in the microwave, store food in the refrigerator, or even have sufficient lighting in your home during a particularly rough snowstorm.

Current Electric is here to supply you with residential generators in Milwaukee that will keep the power running through the season. Our team of electricians is available all throughout this holiday season to install a residential generator in your home. We can perform installation quickly so you’re decking the halls and rigging up the lights without worrying about losing power. We’re also one of the leading suppliers of Generac brand generators that guarantee high performance and efficiency!

How Can a Residential Generator Help You?

Current Electric should be your number-one service for residential generators in Milwaukee. The technical expertise and personable customer service of our generator experts is top-notch, so why should you give us a ring? Here are a few solid reasons:

  • Reduced Costs on Repair Bills: Now here’s a dilemma: trying to balance spending money on gifts for loved ones while also trying to afford generator repair. You can get yourself out of this tricky situation by investing in residential generators in Milwaukee. Generac generators ensure high-quality performance that guarantee you’ll worry less about having to call up a repair service. They stay working to save you money!
  • Improved Home Value: Residential generators in Milwaukee are also a great way to make your home a positive investment. Having a reliable generator that’s always there for you when you need it the most is enough to make your home the most wanted on the block!
  • Improved Safety: Getting stuck without power in the midst of a wretched winter storm isn’t just inconvenient; it also majorly unsafe. When you don’t have any access to lights or appliances in your home, the safety of you and your family are at risk. A residential generator from Current Electric will keep working to maintain a high level of safety in your home!

Contact Current Electric today and give yourself the gift this holiday season of residential generators in Milwaukee!

Generator Maintenance Tips from a Franklin Electrician

Current Electric has a Franklin electrician who is ready to perform around-the-clock service on your electricity. This is incredibly handy when an emergency situation breaks out where you’re left without any power in your home. You shouldn’t have to suffer without power and operate through your home by candlelight in the 21st century, which is why our Franklin electrician makes it the goal to keep power running for all residents.

One of our most important services is generator maintenance. Our Franklin electrician can inspect your generator for any kinks or bugs that may prevent it from working at its best.  But if you’re a more independent-minded homeowner, we’re also happy to offer tips on how you can maintain it and keep the power running all day, every day.

What Does Our Franklin Electrician Recommend?

For optimum performance, our Franklin electrician wants to give you some pointers on how to properly take care of your generator throughout the year and in between our professional maintenance check-ups:

  • Check Overall Condition: Give your generator a look over for corrosion, loose or broken wires, and stuck buttons. Clean away any debris that could be getting into the alternator. If anything can’t be fixed by your own hands, leave it in the hands of a professional.
  • Check the Battery. Top off the distilled water in the battery if needed, and check its voltage. Batteries are usually only good for 2-3 years, so make sure you don’t have a battery that’s too old to provide power.
  • Change Lubricant Oil and Filters: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use synthetic oil in air cooled units. Lubricant oil
  • Check Bolts and Gasket. Wear and tear is inevitable but most issues are usually easy replacements. Bolts and gaskets may have extensive damage
  • Check Fuel. Any unused gas just sitting in the generator loses its effectiveness after 6 months. Dispose of it properly and call a professional to see what can do next to get the most out of your gas.
  • Use Generator Regularly: If you’re not using your generator all the time, at least start it up every 6 months to make sure it’s ready to go. Lengthy periods of non-usage can actually prevent you generator from working at its best.

Contact Current Electric today for more generator maintenance tips from a Franklin electrician! When it comes to maintaining your generator, we want to have total power over its well-being.