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How Can Home Safety Inspection in Milwaukee Help You?

It may be time of year for haunted houses and other Halloween festivities, but the true horrors may lie in the electrical hazards in your own home. Faulty wiring, exposed outlets, broken switches, flickering lights, power outages—these are the sort of electrical features that can turn your peaceful home into a house of horrors! Not only do things like faulty wiring and exposed outlets prove detrimental to the performance of your home’s electrical system, they can put the safety of all members of your household at risk, and that can be scarier than any ghost or ghoul!

Current Electric is happy to provide home safety inspection in Milwaukee that guarantee your home remains safe as possible. The well-being of our customers comes before anything else, which is why our electricians can inspect every area of your home to make sure everything is in working order. When inspection is finished, our electricians will then consult with you on how on any work that needs to be done to ensure your home is free of hazards!

What Can a Home Safety Inspection in Milwaukee Do For You?

Our home safety inspection in Milwaukee is thorough and in-depth, but why exactly do you need it? Here are a few reasons why should you call us this season to get your home inspected:

  • Protection from Smoke & CO Exposure: Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are a must-have in your home.  Smoke inhalation can lead issues like eye irritation and breathing problems. CO exposure is even more lethal due to the fact that it’s an odorless gas that can lead to a loss of consciousness or even death. Our home safety inspection in Milwaukee includes testing your smoke detector and CO alarms so they’re ready to keep you from danger.
  • Reduced Chance of Electrical Shock: Our home safety inspection in Milwaukee can reveal problems with wiring, outlets, switches, and lighting that can lead to a member of your household experiencing electrical shock. Depending on the severity of the situation, an electrical shock can lead to serious, sometimes fatal, consequences. A safety inspection can give your home a better flow of electricity without the risk of getting harmed.
  • Improved Home Power: One of the most inconvenient occurrences with your home’s electricity is a power surge, which can see you lose power to all your home’s most vital appliances including computers or refrigerators. Our electricians will inspect your whole house surge protectors so they’re working to fight against power surges, ensuring improved, longer-lasting power for all of your appliances.

Contact Current Electric for a home safety inspection in Milwaukee that will keep your home shining brightly and safely!

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