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10 Electrical Upgrades for the New Year

The New Year is here which means it is time for homeowners to consider electrical upgrades throughout their home to remain safe and secure. Why do you ask? Well, per the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 50,000 fires are caused by faulty electrical systems in homes each year. And unfortunately, 450 deaths have occurred, as well as up to 1500 injuries. All homeowners would like to believe that their electrical system is safe and sound, but can you really know for sure? Electrical upgrades need consideration especially at the beginning of the year and the only way to know if your family is safe is though these ten resolutions.

Why Take Advice from Current Electric?

Here at Current Electric, it’s our top priority to ensure that you and your family are safe from any electrical danger. All our electricians here have a lot of experience. So, when it comes to electrical systems, you can count on us to resolve the problem and get the job done. You will receive exceptional and immediate service ranging anywhere from installations or repairs to replacements or inspections. Our great electricians can handle any situation that you and your family might be experiencing.

Electrical Upgrades You Need to Make

  1. Extension Cord Placement- No matter who you are, at some point you used an extension cord. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just important to make sure your extension cord is in a safe place. Extension cords can be useful for taking one item from one room to another. However, make sure the extension cords you are using are far from doorways, under carpets, near heaters, or near any items that might damage the cord. It is important that you lay the extension cord in a safe place where it can constantly be used without worrying about it getting damaged.
  2. Sockets Near Water- As we all know, water and electricity don’t mix, yet we still tend to use electrical appliances in water present areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. So to maintain your safety, try inserting a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter socket, which helps ground out the socket in case water gets in it. Installing these outlets in bathrooms, on kitchen counters, or in areas where water might be near, can help keep your home safe from potential danger.
  3. Signs of Faulty Wiring- There are a lot of signs that your home might be trying to tell you if you have faulty wiring. For example, if your switches feel warm or you’re constantly dealing with blown fuses, tripping circuits, or flickering or dimming lights, then your system might need an electrical upgrade. It is important to contact a professional electrician who can pinpoint the problem that’s causing those problems.
  4. Wattages- Wattage is on the inside of a lamp socket for a reason. It might seem like a hassle, but you really should take the time to check all your lamps and make sure that the bulbs inside them match with the recommended wattage. This can make a big difference because higher wattage bulbs are more likely to blow and can pose a threat to your family. High watt bulbs also take up more energy which ultimately runs up your electricity bill. So, handle them correctly because it will eventually help you out in the long run.
  5. Damaged Cords- Checking for any damaged cords is also a must. Even a small tear on your electrical cord could be enough to start a fire. Take the opportunity to check every cord within your home and handle damaged cords with caution. Either call a professional who can repair it or have them replace the cord entirely if the tear is too much.
  6. Install More Outlets- If you’re using an extension cord every day or far too often, you might want to think about installing more sockets. Even though you might have a safe extension cord that is in good shape, calling a professional electrician to install more sockets could save you the potential risk of an eventually damaged one.
  7. Outlet Overload- People nowadays are either buying or using more outlet expanders or added extension cords to receive more socket space. And that’s okay. Over time, though, when an outlet overloads, it could overheat and pose a fire hazard. So, make sure to keep a close eye on them especially if you’re using them for awhile.
  8. Energy Efficient Appliances- A great alternative to save money on your monthly utility bill is purchasing energy efficient appliances. These appliances are also safer for your home and can make a big difference in how it runs throughout your home.
  9. Surge Protectors- Surge protectors are great for your home because they can help prevent future issues from arriving especially during large storms or power surges. Even if your home isn’t experiencing any power surges, one random spark from a power surge can lead to fire and can overload circuits, causing damage to your electrical system. So, I guess it’s better to stay safe than sorry, right?
  10. Smoke Detectors- Make sure to check your smoke detectors and replace them if necessary. Smoke detectors are technically your first line of defense in case something goes wrong. So, if you truly want to protect your family and home, installing new smoke detectors can be very beneficial and can save you time, money, and potentially your home.

Don’t put yourself at risk to begin the New Year and keep your family safe with these electrical upgrades – call Current Electric today for help with all things electric!

Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most important things you can do for your home this season. This time of year generally means adding decorative lighting both inside and outside your home. Unfortunately, faulty electrical problems don’t take breaks for the holiday season. If your home is full of outdated electrical features or faulty lighting, this season may not be so cheerful after all. This can be especially concerning if you are planning to have guests over for the holidays. Nothing says “holiday nightmare” like being unable to provide working electricity to your guests. If you don’t properly maintain your electrical system, you may face a wide range of problems. Don’t let electrical issues prevent you from enjoying the holidays this year. The winter season is already a time of higher costs on electrical bills. This is likely due to a heavier reliance on indoor lighting, as well as the addition of exterior holiday lighting. Faulty lights and outlets will only increase your spending even more, especially if they aren’t maintained. Keep in mind, there is also a risk of safety hazards! If your electrical system is not properly maintained, you may be making your home fall victim to one of the 47,000 house fires that occur that each winter. Faulty outlets may also put you at risk of electrocution. If you wish to avoid electrical problems all together this holiday season, consider being proactive! Give Current Electric a call to ensure your electrical system is ready before the holiday begins.

Calling Current Electric for High-Quality Service

Current Electric should be your first choice for electrical service this season. We understand your mind may be preoccupied with gift-wrapping and spending quality time with loved ones this time of year. That’s why Current Electric’s electrical troubleshooting focuses on ensuring all of your needs are met. Let us help make sure your holiday season is fun and safe. It will be difficult to relax this season when you’re constantly worrying over whether your electricity is working properly, but our team of local electricians wants to ensure you don’t have to face that possibility. We can provide a wide range of electrical services throughout the holiday season, guaranteeing a high level of efficiency. If any fixtures need to be replaced, we can provide you with new, more efficient models designed to last you for years. In addition, our superheroes are focused on helping you save money on monthly electrical bills, allowing you to gear your savings toward your holiday budget. Best of all, you will keep your home safe from the threat of fires and electrocution, ensuring a more relaxing holiday season.

6 Electrical Troubleshooting Tips

If you are looking for ways to improve your electrical system before the holidays arrive, please take note of these 6 troubleshooting tips:

  1. Install Whole Home Surge Protection: Power surges can damage electronics and appliances. They can even start a fire! This time of year, homeowners should definitely consider whole home surge protection. The last thing you want this season is to use a brand new appliance, only to have a power surge damage it! Surge protection will prevent this possibility and ensure you get the most out of all your appliances.
  2. Upgrade Outlets: If you own an older home, your outlets may not be as up to date as they should be. In fact, your outlets may be so outdated that they only have two-prongs, making them incapable of meeting your home’s modern electrical demands. In addition to the inconvenience, these outlets are not sufficiently grounded. This means they will not protect against sparks, shocks, or electrocution.
  3. Install Additional Outlets: If you find yourself with a list of essential appliances but not enough outlets, it may be time to make a few additions. While plug strips are handy to add additional outlets, this time of year it is of upmost importance to understand that they can become overloaded. Unfortunately, plug strips are a leading cause of electrical house fires. Avoid the risk this season by contacting Current Electric for an inspection, as well as a consultation on how to safely utilize plug strips.
  4. Inspect Holiday Decorations: You have most likely adorned your home with colorful lighting to ring in the holiday season, but faulty lighting can easily cause a house fire. It’s important to give your holiday lighting a safety check to ensure there is no frayed or damaged wiring that could potentially grow into a huge safety concern.
  5. Install GFCI Outlets: A GFCI outlet is an amazing feature that can actually shut off electrical power when it senses an irregular current. Basically, this means that the outlet literally detects when irregular use may lead to electrocution, and is smart enough to shut down to avoid a disaster. GFCI outlets are a must in areas of the home where water is more likely to mix with electricity, most commonly in kitchens and bathrooms. These outlets will ensure the safety of you, your pets, as well as your guests – especially small children. So, if you are indeed planning to have guests over at the house this year, you need to ensure GFCI outlets are installed throughout your home.
  6. Call Current for a Home Safety Inspection: One of the wisest moves you can make this year is calling Current Electric for a thorough home safety inspection. One of our licensed electricians will closely inspect your home down to the last detail. This will ensure all outlets are up to date, determine whether you need electrical rewiring, and ensure you are getting the most out of your lighting. Our inspection may prove to be the most important step that keeps your home safe, not just for the holidays, but for the entire year ahead.

Ensure Your Home is Ready for the Holidays This Season! Contact Current Electric and Ask About Electrical Troubleshooting Today!

Contact Current Electric today if you want to keep your home safe and efficient this holiday season thanks to our highly effective electrical troubleshooting!

5 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are able to provide power to all of your appliances. In fact, it’s probably one of the most essential aspects of your home’s electrical system. Without them, how else would you expect to watch a show on that big HD television or make a delicious smoothie in a blender? How could you expect to function in your home at all? The obvious answer here is that you can’t at all. However, since so many homeowners will take their outlets for granted, they do not receive the attention they deserve, allowing any problems to linger until it’s far too late. There is no electrical safety hazard greater than a faulty outlet. It can easily give rise to home electrical fires, especially it begins sporting some serious damage. If left uncovered or have their covers broken, faulty outlets will be incredibly sensitive to the touch, which may also result in electrocution. You may also bring damage to your appliances as well, increasing your spending on electric bills. You should always be proactive in identifying any signs you need replacement so you can act quicker in calling your local electrical company for service. Even when you sense a small problem with your outlets, it’s definitely worth checking out, as it could mean the difference between guaranteed home safety and turning your home into a giant fire hazard.

Calling Current Electric for High-Quality Service

Current Electric will be able to provide you with new outlets as soon as possible. We have team of electricians with years of experience behind them. They have supplied outlets to homes across the local area for years and this winter, your home will be no exception. They can replace your old, failing outlets with some of the most modern ones available today. New outlets are designed to provide a consistent flow of electrical power for a long period of time, ensuring you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years. Even better, we will show you what signs you should notice when the time for outlet replacement is near. Thanks to our services, you will be able to live comfortably and conveniently, especially when you have new outlets providing power to essential appliances you use every day. You will also relax so much more knowing your home is free from hazards like fires and electrocution, ensuring you stay at a better piece of mind this winter.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Electrical Outlets Immediately

Identifying the warning signs of outlet replacement is much easier than you may think. Please take note of the following signs the next time you think your outlets are, well, on their way out:

  1. Two-Prong Outlets: The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a part of the National Fire Codes series under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NEC’s mission is to ensure a standard of safe electrical practices, particularly your electrical outlets. In fact, in 1965, they made it a requirement for all homes to feature three-prong outlets for a safe, and more effective, electrical flow. However, there are plenty of homes out there with two-prong outlets, which are outdated and cannot meet the demands of a modern home. If this applies to your home, replace them immediately.
  2. Builder’s Grade Outlets: Builder’s grade or home owner’s grade outlets are common because they have a low installation cost. If your home has been built by a contractor and you did not specifically request a higher grade outlet, there is a good chance you have builder’s grade outlets in your home. The downside, however, is that these outlets have a shorter lifespan of 5 to 120 years and won’t be able to provide power for a wider range of electrical needs. Replace them with commercial grade outlets immediately.
  3. No Tamper Resistance: You need to install tamper resistant if your home currently lacks them. Tamper resistant outlets are manufactured with a shutter that only allows a two pronged plug into the receptacle to properly create a circuit. This will prevent any young children in your home from inserting any objects into them, keeping them from harm.
  4. Extensive Physical Damage: While it is natural for an older outlet to start showing some wear and tear, it is means for concern once it starts decaying beyond the point of usability. Damaged outlets can be highly dangerous, especially if their plastic covering is cracked and wiring is exposed. It may be dangerous to plug in an appliance, as it may lead to damage to the appliance itself. Replace them immediately before you have to pay for electrical repair or, worse, your safety.
  5. Underground Receptacles: Ungrounded receptacles are two pronged and have no way to channel electrical current to a ground or earth source. Replacing two pronged outlets with three pronged outlets will remedy the problem and provide safe outlets for your home. In addition, you should also call an electrician at Current Electric for a home safety inspection of your electrical panel’s grounding source.

Maintain The Health Of Your Home’s Electrical System – Schedule An Electrical Outlet Service Today

Contact Current Electric today if you want to learn more about what warning signs you should notice so you can act fast in replacing electrical outlets!

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection can keep most appliances away from the threat of power surges. A surge will occur when the flow of electricity in your home is interrupted, then suddenly kick starts again. Though it only lasts mere seconds, it can bring plenty of damage to your electrical system because it’s such a huge surge of electricity. Imagine doing work on the home computer, only for a power surge to prevent you from meeting deadlines and causing you to lose important data. If that sounds inconvenient, it may discomfort you that it can impact some other essential appliances as well. HVAC systems are also at risk, especially if it knocks out power to heating & cooling systems during the coldest and warmest times of the year. During lighting storms, it becomes even worse, as power surges will greater your chances of experiencing an electrical fire. A single bolt of lightning can fry your home’s wiring and eventually cause any surrounding fixtures to ignite in flames. When you really consider just how disastrous a power surge can be, a lack of surge protection is not worth putting your family’s safety at risk. Do you really want to live with the constant threat of fires and power loss? The answer is probably not, so you need to take action immediately in getting whole home surge protection this season.

Why You Should Call Current Electric

If you want surge protection in your home, please Current Electric immediately. We have a licensed electrician who will be willing to provide surge protection lasting you for years. We can provide a home safety inspection to determine what areas of your home need protection the most and get right to work in improving your home’s security. Once we install surge protection in your home, homeowners will be able to protect electronics from power surges and extend their lifespan by years. We can also ensure you save thousands of dollars on appliance replacement, especially for appliances like high-definition televisions and computers. You will be able to relax so much easier in your home once know your appliances are fully protected and, most importantly, that your family is kept from the risk of experiencing a fire.

5 Factors to Consider Before You Install

While whole home surge protection is absolutely essential, you certainly don’t want rush through the installation process. That will only give rise to mistakes and leave you with less-than-adequate protection. Before you go right ahead in installing whole home surge protection, here are a few important things to consider:

  1. Your Electrical Needs: Most additions in your home are electronic, even the appliances you use every day like coffee pots, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Even additions like computers, tablets, and smart devices are essential to daily life in your home. When consider your electrical needs in regards to surge protection, just remember: the more appliances you have in your home, the more surge protection you will need to install.
  2. Consider Quality: You should also conduct Internet research for customer reviews and product recalls. Having surge protection is important, but you shouldn’t risk having that will put their family in danger or spending more money than necessary. Some products are not to be trusted and may wind up charging more money than necessary.
  3. Layer Surge Protection: Electronics like home theaters, computers, and big appliances should have an additional set of protection. Since these appliances will cost more than $200 to replace, it is essential to provide them with layered detection so you avoid any significant money loss. You also need to consider what rooms of your home will need layered protection, like home offices equipped with computers storing important data.
  4. Interior Power Surges: Since most power surges occur in the home, you need to be careful when turning off appliances like HVAC systems. Your HVAC system can cause an interior power surge, even when it turns off because residual power in the line that would have nowhere else to go, meaning it is racing for the nearest exit. If it hits your appliances or electronics, serious damage can occur. Remember: you need to be careful when shutting off major appliances, or else it can lead to an unpleasant surprise in the form of power loss.
  5. Protecting Your Home’s Infrastructure: Replacing electrical wiring can be a huge expensive, so you need to make sure wires and outlets are protected as much as possible. A power surge can cause wires to melt and outlets to burn, which then may require an electrician to pull wiring through the walls of your home to reach electrical outlets. Fortunately, once you install a surge protector, it helps eliminate the risk of physical damage to the wiring in your home.

Protect Your Electronics And Your Home – Schedule A Whole Home Surge Protection Service Today

Contact Current Electric today if you want to know how you can keep your appliances secure thanks to purchasing whole home surge protection!

How to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is the one of the most essential features of your home in terms of overall safety. Some homeowners will take their detectors for granted, but what they don’t know is that they can prevent many emergency situations from growing worse. Simply neglecting smoke and carbon monoxide detection can lead to costly, and potentially fatal, consequences. Even if you think your detection is ready to go for the fall and winter, you cannot make assumptions. The National Fire Protection Association reports that in the nearly 400,000 house fires that occurred in the United States between 2003 and 2006, two-thirds of them were due to a home not having reliable smoke detection devices installed. An additional 500 deaths are reported each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning, usually in homes without the technology to alert them of a problem. Life without carbon monoxide detectors is especially dangerous, as the gas is odorless and can seep into your home without you knowing. If you want to keep your home from becoming another number in a troubling statistic, you need to stay on top of maintenance for the sake of you and your family’s well-being.

How Can Current Electric Help You?

Fortunately, Current Electric is here to provide you with service to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working to the best of their abilities. Your safety is our number-one concern, and we will go to any great length in ensuring greater home security. Your fall and winter should not be spent living in your home in fear of fires and deadly gases. That’s why we are willing to make any necessary repair, replacement, and electrical rewiring to ensure your family is kept safe. With the risk of home heating and electrical fires much higher during the fall and winter, you cannot afford to allow your detectors to become faulty. Once we provide service to your home, you can ensure detectors are working at their best and you can live without worry throughout the season.

Helpful Maintenance Tips for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

In addition to excellent service from Current Electric, you can also take action in ensuring your home has the best smoke and carbon monoxide by following these electrical maintenance tips:

  • Replacing Old Smoke Detectors: Though smoke detectors today are known for their durability and longer lifespan, you will need to replace them eventually, preferably after 10 years. This will ensure the detectors are up to date with technology and any new safety requirements and standards in place. This will help you avoid any unexpected detector breakdowns.
  • Replacing Old Carbon Monoxide Detectors: You should also replace your carbon monoxide detectors every 5 to 7 years to both avoid the risk malfunctioning and gas leaks. This will also help you prevent any last-minute breakdowns. Again, keeping an older carbon monoxide detector in your home will only heighten the risk of the detector malfunctioning.
  • Use Lithium Batteries: Lithium ion batteries are longer-lasting compared to traditional batteries and ensure your detectors will be able to work much more effectively in alerting you of danger. In addition, they also have some cost-efficient benefits by allowing you to save money on battery replacement.
  • Consider Battery Back-Ups: Your detectors should also be hard-wired with battery back-ups. Having a battery back-up in place is a way to gain peace of mind, especially if your current set of batteries die out unexpectedly. This will provide extra protection in the event of a house fire, especially if the batteries decide to not work at the worst possible time.
  • Ensure Detectors are UL Listed: If you want to ensure you are installing the most reliable detectors in your home, make sure the brand of detectors is listed by the Underwriter’s Laboratory, which performs safety testing on electrical devices. This will guarantee you have a trustworthy detector in your home ready to alert you of even the slightest traces of smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Do Not Use Generators Indoors: Always use generators outdoors at a safe distance. Under no circumstance should it be used inside of the home. Since they risk leaking smoke or carbon monoxide detection, all it can take is one spark from the generator to create a massive home fire or gas leak.
  • Read the Manufacturer’s Guide: Sometimes maintaining your detection is as simple as cracking open the manufacturer’s guide. It can give info on how detectors work, when to replace batteries, and even what you should do when they suddenly stop working. It can bail you out of any tricky situation, as long as you read the fine print.

In addition to these tips, feel free to speak with our electricians to learn more on what should be done to guarantee a high-level of performance on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even if it’s just a matter of learning only a few more tips, it may mean all the difference regarding how you are able to enjoy this fall.

Don’t Put Your Family In Harms Way – Schedule A Service To Ensure The Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices In Your Home Are Working

With that in mind, please contact Current Electric today if you want to learn more on how you can improve smoke and carbon monoxide detection!

4 Outdoor Safety Lighting Options to Consider This Fall

Outdoor safety lighting is one of the most essential parts to your home’s security system. A home is broken into every 18 seconds in the United States. Even then, many homeowners think they will somehow be immune to the threat of intruders. What they don’t know is that a lack of exterior lighting in key areas of your home’s exterior leaves it so much more likely to attract intruders. A dimly lit front or back of the home can make a home so much more at risk, especially at nightfall when an intruder can navigate through your property undetected. If this currently applies to your home, you should not waste a single moment this season in getting what you need to keep safe. It will be difficult enjoying life in your home at all if there are exposed areas outside that will easily put the well-being your family in jeopardy. One small addition to your home’s exterior will go a long way in ensuring you are able to relax this season without issue. But you need to call a professional who can guarantee electrical safety as soon as possible, or else this fall may turn out to be a cautious one.

Calling Current Electric for Top-Notch Service

If you are looking for a local electrical company ready to meet your needs, you should make Current Electric your number-one choice for service this fall. Our electricians offer amazing customer service ensuring you have the outdoor safety lighting just right for your home. We offer lighting options that will both boost home security and aesthetic, allowing your place of residence to shine much brighter at night. When you consider just how differently any passerby can view a home due to a few exterior lighting upgrade, one phone call our way can mean all the difference in property value. Exterior lighting that looks out for the safety of everyone in your household will make it much more of an attractive option on the market for buyers.

4 Things to Consider Before Installation

Though you should install outdoor safety lighting in your home immediately, you need to make sure you are purchasing the lighting just right for your home. Before you make any purchases, please consider the following:

  • GFCI Outlets: As with any electrical fixture you install, you need to consider installing ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets for outdoor safety lighting to prevent the threat of electrocution. GFCI outlets are perfect for areas in and out of the home where water and electricity mix, as they will shut off power once they detect any irregular flow of currents.
  • Outdoor Bulbs and Cords: You cannot simply just install any type of light bulb or extension cord for outdoor safety lighting. Before you make a purchase, you need to read the fine print on products to determine if bulbs and cords are ready to handle any less than ideal weather conditions so you are not spending more money on electrical repair in the future.
  • Keep Any Clutter Away: Watch out for any flammable material surrounding outdoor lighting fixtures. If your chosen area of installation is littered with leaves or shrubbery, make sure they are kept a safe distance away from electrical fixtures. One tiny spark from the fixture may cause a huge fire. 
  • Purchase Weather-Resistant Receptacles: Light bulbs and extension cords are not the only thing needing to be weather-resistant. You also need to make sure you install receptacles that can endure any rough weather like wind and rain while still offering high-quality electrical performance.

What Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting Should You Install?

There are certainly plenty of lighting options available for you, but the team at Current Electric would consider these 4 types some of the most essential to your homes safety:

  1. Motion Sensor Lighting: Motion sensor lighting is one of the most effective types of exterior lighting available. Motion sensors will flash immediately once they detect any movement on your property, even scaring intruders away with how quickly they will turn on. However, for the most effective use, please mount this lighting close to your home, so you are not alarming any cars or passersbys on the street.
  2. Flood Lighting: Flood lights will provide great upfront safety benefits, allowing for no spaces to hide on your property. It makes your home extremely visible at night and ensures intruders will be kept far, far away. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to boost home aesthetic, allowing you to cast up and down lighting to shed new light on your property’s plants. 
  3. Pathway/Driveway Lighting: If you find yourself in an emergency situation where you will have to leave your home, pathway or driveway lighting will provide a safer pathway so you avoid injury. Some homeowners will think an intruder won’t dare to enter a home through the front but if there is no exterior lighting, it becomes all the more susceptible to a break-in. Installing this lighting will ensure they stay far away from your home.
  4. Outdoor Hanging Lights: This type of lighting is also perfect for protecting the front of our home. Outdoor hanging lights can be installed in front porches and doorways to let passersbys know that someone is home. It provides you with a much safer way to enter and exit your home, as well as shedding light on even the smaller features of your home.

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark This Fall – Schedule Your Outdoor Safety Lighting Installation Today

Contact Current Electric today if you want install any of these options or to have one our electricians tell you more about outdoor safety lighting!

8 Electrical Safety Inspection Tips For Fall

An electrical safety inspection should be on your to-do list this fall or else you may encounter a long season of higher energy costs, an increased risk of electrical fires, and danger at every turn in your home. The last thing you want this season, or really at any time of year, is to put your family in danger. However, if you allow something like frayed wiring or damaged outlets go unfixed, the risk of residential fires and electrical shock rises considerably. Neglecting your electrical safety may also see you without reliable lighting or appliances, jeopardizing your level of convenience for the season. A lack of consistent electrical power is unfortunate at any time of the year, but especially during the fall and winter when night falls earlier. Imagine having to spend a stormy fall evening with flickering lights and malfunctioning appliances; that’s not something anyone would want to experience this season.

Calling Current for a Top-Notch Inspection

Fortunately, Current Electric is here to provide an electrical safety inspection that won’t leave a single wire out of place. Our electricians will look through every area of your home and conduct an electrical repair on any problem they encounter. We can inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, whole house surge protection, security lighting, electrical service panels, outlets, cords, and so much more. Ensuring your safety is the goal of all our electrical services, but our inspection puts it front and center. One quick inspection on our end can go a long way in guaranteeing your comfort for the fall. You will be able to spend more time enjoying the season and less time worrying when the next electrical emergency will break out in your home.

8 Helpful Tips for Electrical Safety

Though Current Electric can provide the most comprehensive electrical inspection in the area, you do not have to sit back and wait for us to do work. As a responsible homeowner, you also need to take action in keeping your home’s electrical system safe. If you want know how you can better your electrical system for the fall, please follow these 8 tips for both indoor and outdoor electrical safety:

  1. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: While an electrician at Current Electric will make this an important part of an electrical safety inspection, you should also test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on your own time. After all, the chances of a fire or carbon monoxide exposure will skyrocket the instant detectors stop working. Conducting a test may reveal you will have to replace batteries for either before the season begins.
  2. Be Careful of Electrical Lines: If you plan on doing some outdoor work this fall, you need to be cautious of the placement of electrical lines and wires across your landscape. If you are doing work requiring you to climb a ladder, be careful not to accidentally yank wiring loose. Even just making the wrong move can either bring damage to the wiring or result in electrocution.
  3. Consider Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI): GFCI outlets can immediately shut off electric power to reduce the risk of shock or fires. They are installed in areas of your home where water and electricity are likely to mix, like bathrooms, garages, or kitchens. This may be an important update to make this fall, as it can single-handedly keep your family away from any safety hazards.
  4. Check Outlets & Switches: Since you rely on your outlets and switches many times a day, you need to make sure they are working at their best. If they feel hot to the touch or are resulting in frequently blowing fuses or circuits, you need to call an electrician at Current Electric immediately. Your outlets will need to be replaced if you have outdated two-prong or builder’s grade outlets.
  5. Pay Attention to Your Lighting Wattage: Every lighting fixture in your home is rated by a specific wattage. However, you need to pay attention to wattage requirements. A lighting fixture with wattage over the requirement can cause an overload on your wiring and potentially result in a fire. There is also danger in having lighting fixtures that are under the requirement, as it can bring further stress to your home’s electrical system.
  6. Inspect Wiring for Damage: You need to inspect your wiring this season or else it may be the reason behind any short circuits or electrical shocks. While it is expected for older homes to sport some significant wear and tear, it is highly dangerous to keep faulty wiring in your home and require you to seek full-scale home rewiring altogether.
  7. Check Outdoor Power Tools: You will get plenty of action out of your outdoor power tools such as leaf blowers or trimmers this season. However, they may have older cords showing signs of damage. Check these tools before their first use this fall to determine if they will be safe to use at all. Any frayed or damaged cords will need to be inspected to determine if replacement is necessary.
  8. Remove Any Clutter: For both indoor and outdoor electrical fixtures, you need to keep any objects or personal belongings a safe distance away from them. This is especially true for any warm outlets, which can produce a single spark that will result in a major fire. Common indoor sources of clutter are piles of laundry or highly flammable objects. Outdoor fixtures during the fall can be blocked by leaves, dirt, and debris due to the often windy, stormy weather of the season.

Don’t Let Your Home’s Electrical Problems Come As A Shock This Fall, Have An Electrical Safety Inspection Done Today

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Top 7 Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Fall

If you love fall, you are probably excited for the chillier temperatures, foliage, and all things pumpkin spiced. But while you are caught up in the flurry of seasonal changes, you should not lose focus on your home’s electrical system, primarily with any electrical upgrades. If you do not make any much-needed changes to your home’s electrical system now, you may risk encountering more electrical hazards, poor electrical performance, and even other dangers like exposure to carbon monoxide. You need to make sure your home stays away from all those threats well before the season comes into full effect.

The best way to do so is by calling up Current Electric now for electrical upgrades that will fully prepare your home for fall. Even when you think your home will be perfectly fine throughout the season, do not settle for second-rate electricity. Our team of electrician can provide you with high-quality electrical service that will improve home safety and convenience so you continue to live comfortably without worrying when the next power outage will occur. We can even provide you with upgrades that you may not have even thought about yet. It is part of our goal to meet the electrical needs of all our customers.

7 Electrical Upgrades You Should Consider

There are so many electrical upgrades you could consider that it would be difficult listing them all. If we had to narrow it down to the ones that the most essential to your fall, we would probably say it would come down to any of these 7 upgrades:

  1. Surge Protection: The fall will see a higher chance of wind and rain which, depending on the severity, will result in your home experiencing a power surge. However, a storm does not need to be the direct cause of a power surge either. They can occur really any time too much electrical power is sent to lights and appliances, leading to power loss that will leave you unable to function in your home conveniently. However, this can be prevented by installing whole home surge protection which will regulate the amount of power going to your electrical features. You will be less likely to experience surges and get more enjoyment out of your appliances throughout the season.
  2. GFCI Outlet Installation: While significant improvements have been made in electrical safety over the years, the threat of accidental electrocution remains present and you need to take the steps necessary in avoiding it. The best way is by installing a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) which will cut off power immediately once it detects a contrast between input and output current, thanks to its built-in circuit breaker. Without a GFCI outlet installed in your home, areas where water is more likely to come into contact with electricity like bathrooms and garages are suddenly much more dangerous. It may even result in a person being electrocuted once they come into contact with an outlet. Upgrading with a GFCI outlet will save lives and keep you more relaxed.
  3. Knob & Tube Replacement: Knob & tube wiring dates back to the late 1800s, when it was thought to be the most state-of-the-art wring for a new home. However, this wiring is now incredibly outdated and cannot possibly keep up with your modern electrical demands. Many older homes are still equipped with knob & tube wiring. If you live in one of them, now is the time for change. Current Electric can provide you with new, reliable wiring boasting high-quality electrical performance. You will also reduce the risk of residential fires or having to repeatedly call an electrician for service due to frequent system breakdowns.
  4. Aluminum Wiring Replacement: Similar to knob & tube wiring, aluminum wiring is also outdated and needs to be replaced immediately before it puts your safety at risk. Though a surge in copper prices made aluminum a cost-efficient alternative wiring in the late 1960s, cost-efficiency does not automatically translate into efficient performance. Aluminum wiring has since proven the cause for several residential fires over the years. Please have an electrician from Current Electric replace it with copper wiring for guaranteed safety.
  5. Outlet & Switch Replacement: Are your outlets & switches looking worse for wear? Then you should call Current Electric for replacement this fall. As outlets & switches age, they begin to sport some wear and tear that may prove significant enough to the point where it begins to prevent it from working at its best. There is also the possibility your outlets may be outdated due you still having two-prong outlets or builders-grade outlets, which cannot meet your modern electrical demands. Either way, it is much better to replace them for improved electrical performance and safety.
  6. Smoke Detection: You need reliable smoke detection year-round that will alert you of even the smallest traces of smoke in your home. However, if you are noticing your current smoke detector is not working, it may be time for replacement before the fall arrives. Modern smoke detectors are designed to last over 10 years, and can even come equipped with lithium batteries that you will not have to replace at any point. Additionally, if you plan on turning on the furnace or starting a fire in the fireplace, now is the time to upgrade in smoke detection, as either of these situations will surely result in a higher risk of smoke emissions.
  7. Interior Lighting Upgrades: Haunted houses are a popular attraction during the fall, but your home may resemble one without any working or outdated lights. At Current Electric, we offer several lighting upgrades that will shed new light into your kitchen, bathroom, family room, and more. We offer cabinet lighting, accent lighting, artwork accents, bathroom lighting, and so much more. Any guest will feel immediately welcome into your home thanks to warming, eye-catching lighting that enhances indoor atmosphere. Plus, you will be able to cook, clean, read, and navigate in your home so much more effectively.

If you think these upgrades will improve your fall, contact Current Electric today if you need high-quality service for electrical upgrades that will help you usher in the season with greater comfort and convenience!

Common Warning Signs You Need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade in Kenosha, WI

In the anatomy of your home, the electrical panel is like the heart of your household. It sends an electrical current through the circuits in order to power everything from your toaster to your air conditioner. The panel determines exactly how much power your outlets receive, and if it’s outdated, you may experience electrical shortages and other kinds of glitches. As a full service electrical company, Current Electric specializes in providing an electrical service panel upgrade in Kenosha, WI. Updating your panel may be your solution to several electrical issues. Here are three ways to tell your outdated electrical panel needs attention.

Frequently Tripped Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when an inconsistency in the flow of electricity is detected. This prevents the circuit from overheating and possibly causing a fire. It’s an important safety feature, but if you find yourself taking a trip to the breaker box on a regular basis, that’s a clear sign something is wrong with your electrical panel. Constantly having to reset breakers is an inconvenience, but it’s also a safety hazard. Schedule an electrical service panel upgrade in Kenosha, WI to protect your property.

Dimming Lights

Have you ever noticed that when you turn on your vacuum, the lights in your home dim? This is because the vacuum is pulling energy away from the lights before the electrical panel has a chance to adjust to the increased amount of needed energy. In most cases, it only takes a second for the lights to return to their proper brightness. If your lights remain dimmed while you vacuum or use other appliances, it’s time to update your service panel.


On average, electrical service panels have a lifespan of 25-40 years. If your panel falls somewhere within that range, it is most likely in poor condition and ready to be replaced. Older buildings were built in a time when people didn’t rely on electricity as much as they do now. Breaker boxes came with only a few circuits, and it simply isn’t practical—or safe—to power your home with an outdated service panel. An electrical service panel upgrade in Kenosha, WI will bring your household into the 21st century.

The service professionals at Current Electric take pride in their work, and they’re dedicated to providing clients with the best electrical repairs and upgrades in town. To ask them about an electrical service panel upgrade in Kenosha, WI, give them a call today.

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