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At Current Electric Co in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about electrical projects and the best ways to do them. We decided to take that knowledge and make it available to you so that you’ll know what to do about your electrical systems. Look through our blog below to learn more and get expert advice.

10 Electrical Upgrades for the New Year

The New Year is here which means it is time for homeowners to consider electrical upgrades throughout their home to remain safe and secure. Why do you ask? Well, per the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 50,000 fires are caused by faulty electrical systems in homes each year. And unfortunately, 450 deaths have occurred, as well as up to 1500 injuries. All homeowners would like to believe that their electrical system is safe and sound, but can you really know for sure? Electrical upgrades need consideration especially at the beginning of the year and the only way to know if your family is safe is though these ten resolutions. Why Take Advice from Current Electric? Here at Current Electric, it’s our top priority to ensure that you and your family are safe from any electrical danger....

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Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most important things you can do for your home this season. This time of year generally means adding decorative lighting both inside and outside your home. Unfortunately, faulty electrical problems don’t take breaks for the holiday season. If your home is full of outdated electrical features or faulty lighting, this season may not be so cheerful after all. This can be especially concerning if you are planning to have guests over for the holidays. Nothing says “holiday nightmare” like being unable to provide working electricity to your guests. If you don’t properly maintain your electrical system, you may face a wide range of problems. Don’t let electrical issues prevent you from enjoying the holidays this year. The winter season is already a time...

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5 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are able to provide power to all of your appliances. In fact, it’s probably one of the most essential aspects of your home’s electrical system. Without them, how else would you expect to watch a show on that big HD television or make a delicious smoothie in a blender? How could you expect to function in your home at all? The obvious answer here is that you can’t at all. However, since so many homeowners will take their outlets for granted, they do not receive the attention they deserve, allowing any problems to linger until it’s far too late. There is no electrical safety hazard greater than a faulty outlet. It can easily give rise to home electrical fires, especially it begins sporting some serious damage. If left uncovered or have their covers broken, faulty outlets...

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5 Factors to Consider Before Installing Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection can keep most appliances away from the threat of power surges. A surge will occur when the flow of electricity in your home is interrupted, then suddenly kick starts again. Though it only lasts mere seconds, it can bring plenty of damage to your electrical system because it’s such a huge surge of electricity. Imagine doing work on the home computer, only for a power surge to prevent you from meeting deadlines and causing you to lose important data. If that sounds inconvenient, it may discomfort you that it can impact some other essential appliances as well. HVAC systems are also at risk, especially if it knocks out power to heating & cooling systems during the coldest and warmest times of the year. During lighting storms, it becomes even worse, as power surges...

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How to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is the one of the most essential features of your home in terms of overall safety. Some homeowners will take their detectors for granted, but what they don’t know is that they can prevent many emergency situations from growing worse. Simply neglecting smoke and carbon monoxide detection can lead to costly, and potentially fatal, consequences. Even if you think your detection is ready to go for the fall and winter, you cannot make assumptions. The National Fire Protection Association reports that in the nearly 400,000 house fires that occurred in the United States between 2003 and 2006, two-thirds of them were due to a home not having reliable smoke detection devices installed. An additional 500 deaths are reported each year due to carbon monoxide...

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4 Outdoor Safety Lighting Options to Consider This Fall

Outdoor safety lighting is one of the most essential parts to your home’s security system. A home is broken into every 18 seconds in the United States. Even then, many homeowners think they will somehow be immune to the threat of intruders. What they don’t know is that a lack of exterior lighting in key areas of your home’s exterior leaves it so much more likely to attract intruders. A dimly lit front or back of the home can make a home so much more at risk, especially at nightfall when an intruder can navigate through your property undetected. If this currently applies to your home, you should not waste a single moment this season in getting what you need to keep safe. It will be difficult enjoying life in your home at all if there are exposed areas outside that will easily put the well-being...

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8 Electrical Safety Inspection Tips For Fall

An electrical safety inspection should be on your to-do list this fall or else you may encounter a long season of higher energy costs, an increased risk of electrical fires, and danger at every turn in your home. The last thing you want this season, or really at any time of year, is to put your family in danger. However, if you allow something like frayed wiring or damaged outlets go unfixed, the risk of residential fires and electrical shock rises considerably. Neglecting your electrical safety may also see you without reliable lighting or appliances, jeopardizing your level of convenience for the season. A lack of consistent electrical power is unfortunate at any time of the year, but especially during the fall and winter when night falls earlier. Imagine having to spend a stormy fall...

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Top 7 Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Fall

If you love fall, you are probably excited for the chillier temperatures, foliage, and all things pumpkin spiced. But while you are caught up in the flurry of seasonal changes, you should not lose focus on your home’s electrical system, primarily with any electrical upgrades. If you do not make any much-needed changes to your home’s electrical system now, you may risk encountering more electrical hazards, poor electrical performance, and even other dangers like exposure to carbon monoxide. You need to make sure your home stays away from all those threats well before the season comes into full effect. The best way to do so is by calling up Current Electric now for electrical upgrades that will fully prepare your home for fall. Even when you think your home will be perfectly fine throughout...

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Common Warning Signs You Need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade in Kenosha, WI

In the anatomy of your home, the electrical panel is like the heart of your household. It sends an electrical current through the circuits in order to power everything from your toaster to your air conditioner. The panel determines exactly how much power your outlets receive, and if it’s outdated, you may experience electrical shortages and other kinds of glitches. As a full service electrical company, Current Electric specializes in providing an electrical service panel upgrade in Kenosha, WI. Updating your panel may be your solution to several electrical issues. Here are three ways to tell your outdated electrical panel needs attention. Frequently Tripped Breakers Circuit breakers are designed to trip when an inconsistency in the flow of electricity is detected. This prevents the circuit...

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