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At Current Electric Co in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about electrical projects and the best ways to do them. We decided to take that knowledge and make it available to you so that you’ll know what to do about your electrical systems. Look through our blog below to learn more and get expert advice.

Current Electric Will Be at the NARI Home Show! Booth 242!

The Home & Remodeling Show is a vital resource in considering your next home improvement project! This show features hundreds of reputable NARI Member home improvement professionals showcasing products and information related to improvement and maintenance of the interior or exterior of the home. Whether it’s an addition, kitchen or bathroom renovation or home maintenance needs of a new roof, windows, siding, gutters or more, it’s all available at the Home & Remodeling Show. Have a one-on-one conversation to address your questions, or gather inspiration to decide on your home improvement or maintenance plans. This show is a complete consumer experience with engaging seminars, interactive spaces, ideas for the holidays and more!

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9 Warning Signs of Outdated Wiring

Outdated wiring can cause problems to occur that inconvenience you. You may find yourself in the dark a lot due to frequently tripped circuits or blown fuses. You might not have enough power to run all of your appliances, lights, and devices at the same time. You may receive shocks frequently. You may notice your electric bill is becoming increasingly high for no apparent reason, which may attribute to old wiring. Outdated wiring has the potential to do more than just complicate your life. You could find yourself without a place to call your own once the faulty wiring sparks and starts a fire. Get a step ahead and avoid an electrical emergency, read on about the signs of outdated wiring! Benefits of Rewiring If you opt to rewire your home, you could find yourself saving money. Although it...

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5 Signs You Need A New Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker replacement can be an economical investment in protecting your home while avoiding damage to your appliances and fixtures. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that your family will be safe. They are a valuable first line of defense in home safety but are often overlooked as a solution to real problems.  Your electrical panel is likely hidden in the basement or in a utility closet, well out of sight and thought. If you ignore the warning signs, you may experience the following symptoms: Flickering Lights: How annoying is it when you’re eating dinner with the family and the lights keep raising and lowering like in a haunted house? While distracting, you figure you can live with it. This could be troublesome. Poor Performance from Appliances: Your stove may bake unevenly...

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Solar Panels vs. Traditional Electricity: The Benefits of Saving Energy

It’s tricky being self-sufficient when you rely on public utilities. Utilities that provide everything from your air conditioning, to the water running in your faucet, to your plumbing, to the garbage you leave on the curb. Paying your utility bills can be a pain, and there’s not always much you can do to cut down on costs without compromising your lifestyle. There is, however, an option, install some solar panels. Solar panels utilize the sun, a 100% renewable resource, to generate electricity. A typical solar panel produces 200 watts of electricity, enough to power smaller appliances like your laptop or television. Depending on where you live, how many solar panels you install, and how efficient the solar cells inside the panels are, you can generate enough electricity to power your entire...

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How to Know If You Need Rewiring Services

It’s likely that your home is at least 10-20 years old, which means you’re probably due for some serious home maintenance. When this happens, it’s understandable to groan out loud as you mentally list bill after bill, and where to begin? Does my home need new insulation? Are there out-dated appliances? What about bad plumbing? All legitimate concerns, but it’s also likely that you haven’t considered your electrical wiring as a potential problem. Checking for out-dated wiring isn’t as simple as reading a thermostat or looking for mold spots, considering the issue is literally inside your walls. Only licensed electricians can guarantee if your house needs rewiring. So Should You Rewire? If your house is old and you enjoy all the conveniences your house provides you, then yes, you should probably...

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How to Cut Down Your Energy Bills with Solar Panel Installation

Saving money isn’t easy when it comes to utility bills, especially if it means compromising your comfortable lifestyle. With changes in seasons, bills fluctuate. Summers and winters have many appliances needing to sap more electricity just to function. It’s a frustrating situation. You don’t want to spend more in bills, but there’s always a limit to how much you can cut down on using appliances. Sometimes your hard efforts just don’t cut it. So what can you do in a seemingly helpless situation? The answer is literally right above you. It might sound crazy at first, but if you’re sick of what you’re paying for utility bills, now’s the perfect time to invest. It’s time to invest in solar panel installation. Harnessing the sun provides you with a clean, renewable, and reliable source of electricity...

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Emergency Generator – Why it Can Be One of Your Best Investments

There may be nothing more annoying and inconvenient than a power outage. Lost work time, spoiled food, loss of heat. These things are all consequences that home and business owners face when the electricity unexpectedly goes out.  There is a solution to these problems, and investing in a backup generator is that solution. Although these emergency generator systems aren’t cheap, even if you just purchase a portable generator, they are a great investment. 8 Benefits of Investing in an Emergency Generator Whether you’re a business owner or you’re just looking for an emergency generator for your home, there are big benefits to getting a backup power system. You’ll save money, irritation and mental energy in the long run. Consider the following points as you weigh the...

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4 Lighting Upgrades to Consider This Spring

Lighting upgrades are the perfect choice if you’re looking to enhance your home’s atmosphere this spring. The snow and sleet has melted, the days are growing longer, and the time for boosting home electricity is just right. With spring in full bloom, homeowners are looking for a change. Perhaps this comes in the form of spring cleaning, breaking out the mop and dust pan to eliminate any remaining traces of winter. However, spring cleaning isn’t just limited to household chores. It’s also a chance to make your home’s lighting work better than ever. There is a good chance you have some lights in your home that are in process of burning out. Your lighting problems may extend beyond flickering, and instead get to the point where it’s becoming difficult functioning in your home at all. A combination...

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What You Should Know About Aluminum Wiring

It’s time for a little history lesson. Back in the 1960s, copper experienced a spike in price. For newly constructed homes, this proved inconvenient and aluminum became an acceptable, cost-efficient alternative, especially for electrical wiring. Due to its comparatively lower cost, aluminum saw a surge in popularity over the next decade as it became the go-to choice for reliable electrical wiring that wouldn’t leave homeowners with an empty wallet. But its glory days wouldn’t last forever. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, aluminum wiring was found to be the cause for many residential fires, which only proved one thing—cost-efficiency does not equal high quality. Much like the disco songs and bell bottoms of the era, aluminum wiring suddenly became out of style and copper wiring got back in...

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Get with the Times: Why You Need to Replace Knob & Tube Wiring

The year is 2017, and if you’re still living with knob & tube wiring, you may just as well be living in the age of the dinosaurs. Knob and tube electrical systems were common in homes built between the late 1800s and 1930s. While they were considered the norm for a long while, you also have to remember their popularity came at a time of lesser electrical demands in the average home. There were none of those fancy kitchen aid mixers, hot tubs, washers, dryers, and perhaps worst of all, no television for people to binge watch the latest Netflix series. Since they cannot possibly keep up with modern electrical demands, they are incredibly unsafe to have in your home. In fact, they are illegal in several counties across the United States. There are other risks as well like low circuit capacity,...

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