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At Current Electric Co in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about electrical projects and the best ways to do them. We decided to take that knowledge and make it available to you so that you’ll know what to do about your electrical systems. Look through our blog below to learn more and get expert advice.

Ask a Milwaukee Electrician: What Are Automatic Standby Generators and How Do They Work?

Automatically Turns on Generator Power, and Shuts off When Utility is Restored   The best part about an automatic standby generator is the fact that they are automatic. This means that when the power goes out, you won’t have to flip a switch to turn on your generator – it will just go on for you within seconds. You and your family will probably never even notice the power went out – that’s how fast it works. Automatic standby generators are located outside of your home or business so you don’t need to try and find indoor space to store it. They also connect to your home’s electrical circuits, where they monitor incoming utility power. If you experience a power outage, the electricity will switch from utility to generator power and then back again...

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Ask a Milwaukee Generator Specialist: Where did the lights go?

Milwaukee is no stranger to storms and extreme weather. All it takes is one bad storm or a strong tree branch and boom, you’re in the dark. What people often overlook however is that a power outage can damage your home electronics, spoil food left in the fridge, and expose your home to unsafe conditions if the issue persists. And what happens if all of this happens when you’re not even home? There is a lot that can happen in a power outage, and the last thing it will provide is peace of mind for the safety of your home and family. Here at Current Electric, we recommend you get an automatic standby generator to keep the lights on and your family safe when facing a power outage. Here’s how it works: – We hook up the generator so that it monitors the power coming into your home. –...

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What Really Happens When Your Milwaukee Home Loses Power?

Not Having Power is More Than Just a Lack of Lighting in Your Home   Electricity is something we sometimes take for granted. The lights always come on when you flip the switch, your refrigerator properly stores food, your cell phone charges when you plug it into the wall – these are just thing we expect to happen every day. But, what do you do when those luxuries, those conveniences, are taken away from you? That’s what happens when a big storm or fierce winds causes the power to go out. You and your family – or your business – are left without all the modern day necessities that we’ve become accustomed to. That can be a safety hazard, and make everyone in your home uncomfortable. What Else Can Go Wrong During a Power Outage? Your food will spoil if left...

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Control Your Generator and Your Safety with a Generac Installation in Milwaukee

Automatic Standby Generators Will be Proactive in the Case of an Emergency During Power Outage   When the rain is falling hard, and the power lines look like they’re on edge, you might start to worry about the lights and heat going out in your home. So if there was a way to avoid that worry, wouldn’t you want to try it? Luckily for you, the solution is simple: an automatic standby generator. Automatic standby generators provide reliable, consistent warmth and safety for you and your family no matter what the weather looks like outside. Why Else is Having a Generator a Must? They will help to avoid damages from floods due to pipes and failed sump pumps. Generators are proactive in the event of an emergency outside of your control. They will help thwart theft and looting...

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Electrical Box Upgrade in Wauwatosa, WI

Fuse panels are an electrical fire waiting to happen: Don’t take the risk     Fuse panels are really old technology. The original patent for the first fuse panel was taken out by Thomas Edison in 1885. Now, we don’t think you have an electrical panel in your home that’s nearly 134 Years old. However, if you live in an older home chances are you have an older model. The fuse panel, like every other piece of technology, has been upgraded with modern advances over time. However, they haven’t been used in new construction since the early 1960s. Knowing that information alone, you will probably be able to determine whether or not your electrical box is outdated. If your home is 50 years old or older and you have never upgraded your service panel, then chances...

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