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Automatic Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators: Which is Best for Your Milwaukee Home?

Always Feel Safe With an Automatic Standby Generator


Generac is the leading manufacturer of generators, and at Current Electric we’re proud to help install, repair, and maintenance any type of Generac generator you have in your home. But, when it comes to choosing one, it can sometimes be tough to pick between an automatic standby and a portable.

They each have different features that you need to consider because what is the best choice for one person won’t be the best for another. We are here to guide you and give you all the information we know, and we hope that by the end of this blog post, you’ll have enough knowledge to make your choice.

Generac Automatic Standby Generator Features

  1. They turn on automatically when the power goes out.
  2. They are permanently stored outside of your home or business.
  3. Once power is restored, they instantly go back into standby mode.
  4. Automatic generators do not require gasoline to run.
  5. They are a more cost-efficient long term investment.
  6. The American Red Cross considers automatic standby generators the safest way to provide back up power.

Generac Portable Generator Features

  1. They require storage space.
  2. They require gasoline in order to function.
  3. They have to be set up if the power goes out.
  4. There is more lag time between power outage and generator induced power.
  5. These are good for temporary solutions, if you are moving soon, for example, and don’t want to pay for a whole new generator yet.
  6. Portable generators are more affordable initially than standby ones.


If you asked us for our opinion, we’d tell you to go with Generac’s automatic standby generator every time because we believe it’s an investment worth making. The weather is unpredictable and out of your control, so it’s important that you are always prepared.  The most efficient way to ensure your family’s safer would be with an automatic standby generator.

But, the choice is ultimately yours. All we can do is provide the facts and be there when you need any service done on your generator. So, for more information or to schedule an appointment, call Current Electric today!

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