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Ask a Milwaukee Electrician: Why Should I Upgrade From a Fuse Panel to a Breaker Panel System? Part 2

What are the main benefits of a new circuit breaker box?

Well the most obvious benefit of upgrading your home’s electrical system to a new circuit breaker panel is its ability to handle many electric devices and appliances without overloading. However, one of the other big reasons Current Electric encourages our clients to ditch their old fuse panel is the insurance incentives. Because fuse panels are so outdated, most insurance companies will look at a house with a fuse box and see an electrical fire waiting to happen. The rule of thumb in our industry is that the older your fuse box is, the higher your insurance premiums will be. Hiring us to put in a circuit breaker panel will most likely drop your insurance rates right away, helping you save while keeping your home safe. Another benefit to keep in mind is that homes with circuit breaker technology will also have a higher resale value than homes with fuse panels.

PSA: Do NOT Attempt DIY

If you are decide you are ready to upgrade your home’s electrical system to circuit breaker technology, attempting to perform the work yourself is just a flat out poor decision. It’s more than just knowing what you’re doing or having the correct tools to complete this hazardous process. In fact, most insurance companies insist on a licensed electrician performing the entirety of the work, and will not offer coverage if you suffer an electrical fire or other power related issue caused by DIY work on your fuse box. The whole upgrade project requires professional electrical expertise. Going it alone puts your whole home in jeopardy, as the entire house’s power supply, wiring, and circuitry are affected by this project. So make the right move and give us a call at Current Electric when you decide it’s time for an upgrade to your home’s outdated electrical service panel.

Current Electric is Milwaukee’s electrical service panel upgrade experts. Call us today to learn how we can make your home a brighter, safer, more efficient place!

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