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Is your home code compliant?

Electricity is incredibly powerful, and issues in your system are no laughing matter! To ensure that every homeowner in Milwaukee is safe, the state has certain regulations on how home’s should be protected from electrical disaster. Many of these regulations are fairly new, though, and some homeowners aren’t aware of the safety precautions they are expected to take!

That’s why, this week, our blog is going to be about the 5 most important safety measures that every Milwaukee homeowner should have for their home! Those measures are as follows:

  1. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
  2. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets
  3. Electrical Panel Circuit Breaker
  4. Surge Protection
  5. Whole-Home Rewiring Inspection

We’ll start with Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, also know as AFCIs. To learn about these other options, stay up to date with our blog or call Current Electric to hear from our experts!

What Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters?

Inside of your electrical panel, you should see circuit breakers for each electrical service in your home. These circuit breakers “trip” (meaning that they cut off the electrical current) if the circuit capacity is overloaded.

An arc fault circuit interrupter is a specific type of breaker that responds to unintended “arcing,” which is the term for when electricity leaps between conductors (for instance, lightening is a naturally occurring electrical arc).

Arc fault circuit interrupters must distinguish between harmless electrical arcs that occur deliberately in switch or outlet operation and arcs that are liable to cause fires. In the latter case, it needs to stop the flow of electricity instantly. Not sure if arc faults are important? Arc faults in homes are one of the leading causes of the over 40,000 fires attributed to home wiring in the U.S. every year. Over 350 deaths and 1,400 injuries result from these fires annually.

Be one of the homes that is safe and protected from this hazard by calling our professionals to install AFCI circuit breakers in your home. Call Current Electric company today for an electrical safety inspection from the best electricians in Milwaukee today.

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