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3 Reasons to Install Solar Power in Your Milwaukee Home 

You’ve most likely been seeing solar panels more and more often these days: on homes, business and even on public buildings. You’ve probably wondered, too, what it would take to install solar power in your Milwaukee home, and what the benefits of installing solar power might be. Here are three reasons to install solar power in your Milwaukee home that you might want to consider.

  1. It might cost less than you think. Solar power for home use is becoming more mainstream. As solar panel installation becomes more popular and installation methods become more efficient, costs for installation are quickly dropping. You also might be able to finance the cost of installing a solar power system, avoiding the need to pay for the whole job up front. Another cost bonus is that payback times are getting shorter for people who install solar power. The average amount of time it takes to recoup your investment in a solar power system is about half of what it was five years ago.
  2. Rebates and incentives might be available. For a short time, until Dec. 31, 2016, you can earn a federal tax credits when you install solar power in your Milwaukee home. Some state and regional tax credits might also be available. Be sure to ask your installer for a list of incentives and credits that are available to homeowners.
  3. You don’t need to live in a sunny place to save money. When calculating savings, your local electric rates are more important than the amount of sunlight you receive. Markets with the highest rates enjoy more savings and faster payback on solar power systems regardless of how sunny they are.

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