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When Should You Replace Smoke Detection?

Posted on November 30, -0001 by admin in Electrical

Smoke detection is essential to any home. The National Fire Protection Association reports that roughly 50% of American homes have three or more smoke alarms. However, according to the same report, 90% of American homeowners did not when to replace their smoke alarms (the correct answer is once every 10 years). This is a troubling statistic, especially when you consider that a faulty smoke alarm can put your home at great risk of experiencing a fire. It’s even more concerning when you consider the possibility of a fire breaking out in the middle of the night when everyone in your household is asleep with no alarm being able to awake anyone in the event of an emergency. The NFPA also reports that three out of five fire deaths in American homes occur because there is no smoke alarm or working smoke alarm in the home. With stats so high, a lack of awareness on the functionality of your smoke alarm can be your downfall, so it’s highly important you study up on what warning signs you should notice before it’s far too late. Knowing exactly when to replace your smoke detection will effectively keep your home, and your family, safe!

How Can Current Electric Help You?

Current Electric is your number-one destination for high-quality, long-lasting smoke detection. Your safety is our highest priority for any of our security solutions, and our electricians are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your home stays protected. If you have a smoke alarm looking worse for wear, you can count us to replace it quickly with a brand new unit that will pick up on the slightest traces of smoke and give your family plenty of time to prevent the situation from growing worse. We will also inspect your home to determine where new smoke alarms are needed the most, especially if your home currently doesn’t have any installed. With our help, you will enjoy a better peace of mind. The risk of your home experiencing a fire will be cut down considerably and you’ll be able to relax so much more knowing you are fully protected. Thanks to improved safety features, you will also notice an increase in property value. Home buyers will want to take another look at a home that’s fully protected against emergencies, and you can’t find better protection than with Current Electric.

4 Warning Signs You Need Replacement

So, when should you replace smoke detection? The next time you suspect your smoke alarm has seen better days, please be on the lookout for these warning signs:

  1. Older than 10 Years: As mentioned earlier, most homeowners fail to realize that smoke detection needs to be replaced every 10 years. The older your smoke alarm, the less effective it becomes in alerting you of danger. You may have a smoke alarm well beyond its expiration date and you may not even know it! Before you find yourself in deep trouble, check the printed manufacturing date on the detector to see if it has reached past its 10th
  2. Perform the Candle Test: Now here’s a simple but effective trick. Light a candle and hold it six inches from the smoke detector. Allow the smoke from the flame to rise. If the smoke alarm does not make a sound after 15 seconds, remove the cover and clean out any dust and debris that could be blocking the sensors on the alarm. If it still doesn’t make a sound, it’s time to replace your smoke alarm.
  3. Extensive Physical Damage: It’s normal for a smoke alarm to start showing off some wear and tear after a significant period of time, but it’s entirely another when the damage feels significant enough. Any serious cracks or dents may turn out to be severe enough that it prevents the alarm from working correctly. A simple repair may not be enough. Instead get a new smoke alarm without the damage and without the threat of it not working during an emergency.
  4. Slow Startup: So here’s a tricky scenario—your smoke alarm is working but it’s starting up slower than needed. Perhaps a battery change will do just fine here, but it’s definitely a concern. Your smoke detection needs to work immediately at the first traces of smoke. You can’t afford any slow spots, so the time for replacement may be near.

Contact Current Electric today if you want to learn more on when you should get new smoke detection to keep your home safe and alert!

The Current Electric Difference

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