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The Differences with GFCI Outlet Installation

gfci outlet to protect your home from electrical fires.

Posted on November 30, -0001 by admin in Electrical

While they are used more frequently than we might imagine, our outlets take on a lot of work throughout the years. And even though we hardly notice them, it is important to consider GFCI outlet installation to protect your home from potential damage. Ground fault circuit interrupters are used for areas in your home where water and electricity are both near each other. For example, you might find that your kitchen or bathroom holds one of these outlets since water frequently splashes near electric appliances. It is a safety measure every homeowner should make and even though you hardly notice the difference, GFCI outlets are required by law to install by the National Electric Code or NEC. Without a GFCI outlet, your home is vulnerable to electrical fires, damages to home appliances, and you even are vulnerable to electric shock. That is why it is important to have GFCI outlets installed in your home and to test them out so that you can benefit from its services.

Installing GFCI Outlets with Current Electric

GFCI outlets are great for your home because they can detect any irregular current flows and shuts off power before things escalate. This is a huge benefit and something we want all our customers to share in order to provide safety for their families. Here at Current Electric, we care about the people we service because to us, safety is one of the most important things. With a GFCI outlet installation, we can promise you that you will be free from any potential shocks or electrical hazards. No homeowner should ever run the risk of a potential fire, which is why our superheroes try our best to make installation more affordable for you. With high-quality service and experienced electricians readily prepared to handle your electrical problems, you can count on us to get the job done. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re need of emergency service, because to us providing you with help is one of the most satisfying things to us.

What Do GFCI Outlets Do?

Electrical problems can become an even bigger issue without a GFCI outlet. Property value for you home also has the potential to decrease due to the high risk you present without a GFCI outlet. The three main advantages to having a GFCI outlet is first off, you prevent any shock. GFCIs prevent the potential for electrocution and the built-in sensor monitors within the outlet changes in the electrical flow, shutting down the electricity in case something goes wrong. Even though these type of outlets might seem a little more expensive than a traditional outlet, they are far more worth the investment. They will also prevent fires since they detect ground faults, including aid to your home in preventing electrical fires. Plus, they will also help with electrical fuses, that way you can ensure that the chance of starting an electrical fire is very slim. Lastly, as time goes on, certain appliances that you use within your household might be at greater risk for damage. Electrical currents actually damage certain products if they are too outdated. The circuit however of the GFCI will shut down which will protect your appliances more frequently, leaving your home’s equipment running longer.

Differences Between a GFCI and a Circuit Breaker?

Even though they might be similar in response, GFCI outlets and circuit breakers are very different. Circuit breakers are designed to protect an electrical circuit from damages that are caused by overloading or even short circuiting. They will reset automatically or manually and continue operation thereafter. Circuit breakers can also be found in many sizes. GFCI outlets sense leaks in the circuit before they actually break. And even though both are responsible for interrupting shortages, GFCIs work more sensitively since they’re used to identify water.

GFCI Outlet Installation

When you hire an electrician to perform a GFCI installation, it’s important to know where exactly they’ll be placed. Since GFCIs are supposed to detect currents that run near water, they should be installed in areas where moisture or splashes of water are frequent. Rooms that utilize GFCI outlets include bathroom, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages. Any other areas that might include moisture inside your home should also include a GFCI outlet, in case moisture increases to avoid harmful damage.

Testing a GFCI Outlet

If you already own GFCI outlets in your home, then you’re already ahead of the game. However, if you have a GFCI that was installed prior to 2006, then you must test it with a circuit tester. Testing it is fairly simple – plug into the outlet an appliance and then push the test button on the circuit tester. If the power goes off, then the GFCI outlet is good to go. Press the reset button after to restore power. If the power, however, does not go off when you hit test, that means the GFCI outlet is not longer working properly. New GFCIs automatically tell you when they are no longer working and will power off on its own. When this happens, it’s wise to contact an electrician and schedule a GFCI replacement.

Differences Between a GFCI Outlet and an AFCI?

The first major different between a GFCI and an AFCI is that an arc fault circuit interrupter recognizes arc faults only which are found in the wiring. A GFCI, as you know, prevents from electrical shock. AFCIs prevent faulty wiring, which is caused by either heat or humidity, extended mechanical or voltage stress, or age in general. When wires are damaged by items that might puncture the wiring or bent wires that caused cord damage, that is why an AFCI is put into use.

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